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Sales Productivity Improvements, Selling Smarter, Make sense of what you face

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Accelerate Selling - Sense-making for Sellers

Do your high-level prospects have too much information to make their decisions?

That’s a serious question. Recent research results published by Gartner show over half of B2B customers using the word overwhelming to describe the load of information from trustworthy sources they encounter when they are trying to make a decision.

But the news gets worse. In the same study, 44 percent of customers said that even when they trust the sources, all that information is usually contradictory. They can’t tell what – or even who – to believe.

When humans feel overwhelmed or insecure about who they can trust, they shut down and opt for the comparative safety of the status quo.

Cut to the chase -- You’re going to lose high-level sales unless you can help your prospects make sense of all the information about the products or services you and your competitors are offering.

Sense Making:

Reps who take what Gartner calls a “Sense Making” approach carefully share information to guide customers toward a clearer, more rationalized view. They help the customer make sense of and take action on the basis of the information they've encountered.

The Sense Making approach leads to high-quality deals Gartner data shows that sellers using a Sense Making approach were significantly more likely to reduce skepticism and build confidence with buyers, compared to the Giving and Telling approaches.


Ways to practice sense-making, according to Gartner’s analysis.

  • Help your prospects identify smart questions to ask themselves and their suppliers.
  • Help them identify which info truly matters most in purchase decisions. What trade-offs are worth making, and which ones are not?
  • Help them identify consistent patterns in the information they encounter during the purchase process, regardless of where it comes from. Context will help to reconcile competing perspectives.

The goal is simplicity out of complexity. Clarity out of confusion. As a seller, remember that there is such a thing as too much detail. You must tune in to your customer’s mental and emotional process in order to discern what to disclose when.

The idea is not to manipulate their decision, but to guide them into a mental framework for making one.

Do this with empathy and wisdom, and you will stand out from the competition. As you base your relationship with them on sense-making, their trust in you will grow.

Making sense makes sense.

This is how we strive to serve our customers. We firmly believe in CRM as a unifying, simplifying solution to the complexities of sales, marketing, and customer service. We are experts at the options that are out there and the business processes they support. And we realize there’s lots of info out there about them.

Let us help you make sense of it all -- Contact us today.  


Topics:   Sales Productivity Improvements Selling Smarter Make sense of what you face

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