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Building Stronger Relationships, Staying Top of Mind, Sales Conversation Improvement

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Help so relationships don't go stale and performance suffers

The importance of having a digital memory system easily accessible

We help you and your team remember - what you have forgotten or only partially remember- so that relationships don't go stale.

There is no reason to sound or be unprepared and uninformed with the tools when we have Creatio CRM readily available.

  • Do you remember and easily find the anniversary dates of your top customer to celebrate their success with your products and services?
  • Do you remember and easily find what was said, what was agreed up, and who was involved in those top client meetings three months ago?
  • Do you have quick access to the cell number, email address, last commitment, and best method of communication of your top clients?
  • Do you have quick access to review the last contact notes and if there are open service issues from your mobile device?
  • Can you retrieve the list of products or services the client has previously purchased so you understand what discounts were previously given?

A well-used CRM can become a diary of relationship conversations for sales success.

Practices to Support a more conversational workplace

Have you had this experience?  You are in the midst of having a conversation, it is so real for us that we are sure we will remember everything about it.  In fact, we forget most of what we see and hear, including those very real conversations.  Because they are fleeting, we need a support system of processes to remind others and ourselves about the details of our conversations including:

  • What have we initiated, when do we want it fulfilled, and why does it matter?
  • Who else is engaged in the initiative, where are the resources, and how will everything get done?
  • Why did the person reach out to us and request information about our products and services?
  • What have we promised, and what have others promised us?
  • How can we observe our progress?
  • How can we remember the most important milestones and deadlines and know what needs our follow-through or attention?

Use your CRM to create visual reminders: Performance  Scoreboards and Other Displays:

An improved old adage is "What gets measured and talked about is what gets done".  If we keep the measures secret, nobody will know what the score is.

We can maintain and even improve, good performance by making performance visible. In Creatio low-code CRM they are many ways to make performance visible.

Company-wide and personalized dashboards by department: Sales, marketing, customer service, operations.

Creatio Dashboards Mobile and Web

Photos - of people, of the customer business, and of successful equipment installations.

Bar graphs - showing how high the goal is and how much has been accomplished to date.

Time-line list- to show the progress of communications over time

Account activity timeline-Creatio-CRM

Trend-line graphs, showing the changes in results over time.

Collage-like displays of customer letters and success stories that show a team's achievement toward improved customer satisfaction ratings.

The idea is to make the ultimate goal visible and show progress toward reaching it.  The effectiveness of this type of performance display depends on the regular updates to keep the information in CRM current. Just like the big jumbo screen in sports arenas, the display of simple statistics keeps everyone engaged in the action, knowing when to cheer and when to take a break.

When we can see the scoreboard, it becomes a topic of conversation. Making performance visits throughout your organization and observable is a way to make silent requests, see what is needed next, and take action without being told.

Leverage your CRM to track requests and promises

What have you promised to deliver to someone else?  What has he or she promised to deliver to you and when? Keep track of these things in your activity list for the customer organization and related contact.  This " duelist" is different from a "to-do" list because it identified that deliverable you are responsible for providing to or receiving from someone else, and it names the other person with whom you have the agreement.

In the crazy-busy, accelerated world, you can maintain a "duelist" and show it within your calendar so you know when to expect things and how to schedule doing the work for everything you have to deliver.

Tracking requests and promises give you an opportunity to manage your own work better, and to be appropriately responsive to other people. when you know the status of what you owe others - and what others owe you - you also know more about what you can promise and how to make requests that are more effective.

Leverage your CRM so you don't forget.  When relationships go stale or are incomplete, trust and performance will suffer.

Make those Email conversations Useful

One of the reasons many people believe email communications are a waste of time is because most emails are not valuable to the recipient and they go immediately to junk mail. A well-designed email for a meeting should be organized to produce specific results and needs a template and a follow-up set of sequenced emails.   Set people up for performance;

What do we want to accomplish?  Review your meeting goals or objectives, so people know the context of the conversation to come.

When do we want it fulfilled?  Remind people of the timelines and milestones associated with the subject of the email so they can participate with an awareness of their own calendars and commitments.

Why is it important?  Remind people frequently about the value of the meeting email and benefit possibilities.


Creatio showing a list of contacts whose last contact was over 90 days ago


Contacts with last contact over 90 days ago-1

Let's start a conversation about your communications improvement initiative, today!



Topics:   Building Stronger Relationships Staying Top of Mind Sales Conversation Improvement

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