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In the fable of the blind men and the elephant, several blind men examined different parts of an elephant and came to different conclusions as to what the elephant looked like.  This is applicable to all sorts of situations including your customer base. If you ask a salesperson who your best customer is, would you get the same answer from your support team? What about your operations staff? If you don’t have the whole picture of your customer, you’re less likely to help them make the best decisions which could reflect negatively on your customer relations.

Infor CRM is an industry-leading CRM solution and we’ve been taking care of your front-office requirements for many years. Historically, we’ve also integrated with specific back-office solutions to provide an enhanced experience. However, in the coming days, we’re taking this experience even further with Infor CRM Back Office Extension (ICBOE).


ICBOE is the integration between Infor CRM and Infor ERP systems. The first iteration will be 1-way (ERP -> CRM) and include the A+LNLXSX.e and Syteline ERPs.  We will also soon be certifying ISMVISUAL and XA for official use with Infor CRM. Data doesn’t matter unless you havehttp://www.successwithcrm.com/infor-ion-crm-erp-integration a place to put it, though. As such, Infor CRM has new entities for customer details like invoices, shipments and receivables.

With ICBOE, 15 types of master and transactional data are included in the integration out-of-the-box. Since no two customers are alike though, we’ve built in AnyBOD functionality that allows anything you need transferred to be mapped in the web client with no programming required. There’s no limit to how far you can go. Need service details right away? No problem. Have custom ERP fields you want in CRM? Easy.

ION is the Infor technology that makes the magic happen.  With it, we can integrate with any ION-enabled application, both Infor and 3rd party. ION is based on the OAGIS standards and is open for networking with any application. Therefore, while we’re launching with a set of ERPs, Infor has a whole suite of products to create the best end-to-end experience for our customers.

Infor is committed to ensuring everybody has the complete view of the elephant. We will empower you with the right knowledge to best fulfill the needs, both explicit and implicit, of your customers. Don’t be caught in the dark. Look for more information about ICBOE in the coming days, weeks and months with official release announcements, marketing campaigns and webinars for general details and ERP-specific aspects. 

by Kevin Draggoo, Product Manager, Infor CRM

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