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Halloween scary pumpkin-to CRM Success

Pretend we're gathered around a campfire. It's dark, and spooky noises come out of the woods. Now listen to this scary story. It's about a family named Krueger. Perhaps you've heard of them.

The Kruegers were an entrepreneurial minded family. 

The dad, Fred, started the business because he had skills to build things people found helpful. He made knives and brooms.

His always helpful wife, Esmerelda, managed the back-office secrets, all the administration and accounting. She was scary good with numbers. 

Eventually their son, Freddy, showed great talent demonstrating the products and joined the business.

The business was on Elm Street. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

For years they managed their knife/broom making, distribution and sales business. In the damp springs, parched summers and with the leaves pouring down every fall- their business grew across the Midwest. Then Fred hired salespeople who were scared of trying new systems and didn't trust their coworkers, so -- horror of horrors --  they kept their contact information separate from everyone else's and didn't make notes about prospective customer visits. When they abandoned the Krueger business for more lucrative pastures, they didn't leave any evidence of their institutional knowledge or their customer relationships.

When customers had an issue with a Krueger knife or broom, they discovered they were living in a nightmare. The Krueger customer support center would take an eternity to respond, and when they did the customer got sick to death of being passed around inside the company – awaiting a helpful answer.

Their ideal prospects might have well have been ghosts, because the Kruegers couldn't see who they were. None of the advertising they tried got new customers through the door. 

Rather quickly customers vanished and business took a nose dive.

The moral of this story: Don’t let your business become a Ghost of its former self.

Stop the death spiral of your business with a purposeful and well-used Customer Relationship system that people love to use. 

Remove the fear: Setup a free consulting meeting with Dick and Julie.

PS:  Freddy eventually reached out to Success with CRM Consulting

We analyzed the Krueger customer data and discovered a pattern of large spikes in sales of knives and brooms in late fall.

With a CRM tailored for their business, they were able to track marketing campaigns and reach the right prospect -- no crystal ball required.

Fred and Freddy could easily view which types of brands of knives and broom were their best sellers.

Sales reps could easily use their smart phones to translate even eerie voices into text. 

No matter where customers were flying on their brooms or chopping up with their knives, they could text in any support issues or get updates on the status of a service request.

FYI:  The business ended up harvesting enough profit to send Freddy to Julliard acting school where he became a movie star. You may have heard of him. 

The End

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