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What is needed before 2025 for remarkable customer experiences

What kind of experience will customers expect from your business in 2025?

Earlier we highlighted two priorities of customers that I shared with business leaders attending a recent national bpm’online conference. Entrepreneurs need to know how to prepare to gain and keep customers. Here are three more, and how CRM needs to respond. In the near future, customers will expect:

Expectation #3: More seamless customer interactions.

More seamless customer experience interactions

Prospective and current customers are coming to expect that companies use one integrated system and provide them with one user-friendly interface when they deal with us for any reason. That includes sales, service, support, accounting, and communications.

How professional-grade businesses will respond: Professional-grade companies will migrate from a siloed “customer service” to including it as part of the bigger picture of the “customer experience.” Data will also need to be freed from silos so that it is all easily accessible to all team members who will respond to user inquiries and needs. Businesses will more strategically develop tactics to shape a richer, more positive customer experience, one that is not limited by where or how their data is structured.

Creatio (formally bpm’online) has foreseen this trend and is ahead of the curve. Its solution is an excellent example of just such a system. If you want to seamlessly connect your team with your customers, let’s schedule a discovery call today.

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Expectation #4: More mobile features.

Mobile options are increasing rapidly. The demand for them feeds itself; the more options are, the more people expect, and the more providers deliver innovative options. Devices will become more pervasive. Some will be larger, some will be wearables, and some will be part of the Internet of Things -- IoT.  The seamless interactions we’ve been talking about all need to be accessible no matter where the user is, at all times, on any device. This is true for customers as well as employees they interact with.

How professional-grade businesses will respond: Businesses need to make sure that their one integrated system feels natural and is highly responsive on mobile devices. Employee training will need to cover how to engage with customers using the solution on all devices.

Expectation #5: More speed -- it matters even more.

Not only are the number of mobile options increasing, but also the speed at which they respond is accelerating. By 2025, with the availability of 5G, the internet will be 100 times faster and people will consider today’s speeds slow. Video and voice combine in forms of content and communication that are gaining preference, and without speed neither works well. Customers will have little patience if they must wait for a page to load or if they can’t view content without interruption.

How professional-grade businesses will respond: CRM and BPM software will need to be even more easily adaptable to stay compatible with other updates and upgrades in technology. Syncs with other programs will have to happen in real time and in the background if possible.

How are you preparing to meet these growing expectations? Are your customers able to engage seamlessly whenever they interact with your business for any reason? Are you ensuring that your system keeps up in speed and mobile adaptability?

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Two more expectations to go. Stay tuned.

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