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CRM Success = Software + What else?

There is a Better Way to Achieve the Desired Outcomes

If you want your CRM initiative to be successful, focus on your corporate culture before you focus on your technology purchase decision. 

We have said this for years, but we’re not the only CRM consultants who say so.

In some organizations when someone talks about “CRM initiatives,” leaders hear nearly overwhelming complexity. In others, the whole idea gets relegated to the tech department to just choose and implement a system. Neither mindset moves a business closer to its goals in our digital world. There is a better way. A way that makes sense.

Our goal as a CRM partner is to provide not only information but also counsel to guide and navigate our clients to the implementation of a CRM solution that is right for them. One way we stay current is to read diverse sources within our own industry as well as other business wisdom leaders. These three resources that we’ve seen offer principles of CRM success that echo our beliefs and practices. Here is a sampling of those keys to success.

CRM Software Blog’s “8 Guiding Principles of CRM Implementation Success” emphasizes choosing a flexible system that will grow with you, looking at how it will align with your other business processes like email and accounting, and taking the implementation one step at a time.


Creatio CRM, which is built on a business process management, or BPM, engine, rises above the rest by not just aligning but seamlessly integrating multiple business processes with customer relationship management on a single platform.


EHTC, a group that includes CPAs and business consultants, stresses the importance of quantifying the CRM’s value so its story can be winningly conveyed to management as well as the organization’s users. Leadership at the top needs to set the tone, they say, in promoting a culture in which if it’s not in CRM, it doesn’t exist” – or what we call “one single source of truth.”

The writers of Pivotal CRM’s white paper, “5 Principles for CRM Success,” agree with us that you deserve a CRM that works the way you need it to, not the other way around. In comparing solutions, they emphasize, be sure to consider your total investment. CRMs – some more than others -- often require add-on costs, so make sure you are getting a complete understanding.


Creatio CRM’s low-code framework has revolutionized customization for unique needs. It doesn’t take a specialized app developer to make it work for you. And its simplified pricing is more comprehensive than other solutions offer.


All three of these sources agree that choosing the right CRM partner is a key to success. This is not the time to go it alone. Don’t just look for software. Look for a CRM partner with deep industry knowledge, experience and a business philosophy that aligns with yours. Notice whether they listen to you and ask questions that help clarify where you are and where you want to go. Find out if they have a proven implementation process to maximize user adoption and value from your chosen system.

By the way, that description of an effective CRM partner is who we are and how we work. We encourage you to do as much research as you want, read our resources and others, and then contact us to discuss the potential for your business.

Additional Tip:  Always align functional needs with the business outcomes.

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