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Triple Threat Capability or Triple Treat? You Win Either Way with CRM

Triple threat or triple treat? That might be a proofreading concern. But right now, it’s more than that. It’s a real question: Which one describes a great CRM system?

Both do, actually.

Triple threat, like the high school athlete who gets the MVP award in football, basketball, and track.

Triple treat, like an ice cream cone with a scoop each of butter pecan, chocolate, and toasted coconut. (I hope you’re not on a diet – that sentence probably contains about 500 calories!)

One contributes to winning seasons. The other makes everybody happier.

How so, you ask? Let’s look at the power – and delight -- of CRM for your operations, your decision-making, and your team collaboration.

Your Operations.

When sales reps must manually create new records on leads, they are using up time they could more productively spend developing relationships that lead to sales. That’s just one example of a day-to-day business process you can manage more efficiently with an operational CRM.

An operational CRM will automate the creation of new records from a web form or email response from potential customers themselves. It will be more accurate, plus they have already pre-qualified themselves as warm by the very act of responding to one of your calls to action. And warm leads are better than cold calls, any day.

The CRM will also automate reports so you can see how your sales strategy and pipeline are working.

As an operational CRM, bpm’online works great for a business with lots of processes, whatever its size.

Your Decision-making.

We hinted at this at the end of the last section. When you must wait for reports of any kind to be generated by someone else, you’re not getting timely analytics. You’ve got to have easy access to them in order to make smart decisions about your business.

With good data at your fingertips, you have a window when you need it into your consumers’ behavior and references, your progress toward your objectives, and areas in your processes that need improvement. Without it, you’re only guessing, and that’s not a good business strategy.

As an analytical CRM, Creatio (formally bpm’online) not only reports what is; it also employs predictive technology to help you spot trends and make smart moves to make your future great.

Your Team Collaboration.

We all know athletic teams don’t succeed without teamwork. Even Tom Brady didn’t win games by himself. It took a Patriot team effort. Collaboration is essential to success in your business, too.

Here’s one example: Customers expect a seamless customer experience, and without a collaborative CRM you can’t give them one. They get handed off to someone else at your business who seems to have no clue who they are or what they care about. They have to tell their story repeatedly. And the information they are told by one of your staff members differs from what they hear from another. Confusion reigns, and employees and customers both get frustrated.

Customers would feel so much more seen and heard as individuals if no matter who they talk to in your business, they don’t have to start over explaining information they’ve shared with someone else previously.

Also, your staff’s productivity will increase as they experience greater cross-functional effectiveness.

Creatio gets this. Its platform is built for seamless teamwork. Everybody sees updates in real-time, using an interface that each role can adapt to suit its needs. As a collaborative CRM, it shines. That’s why users as well as customers get a better experience in companies that implement it.

All CRMs incorporate operational, analytical, and collaborative capabilities, but most are stronger in one and weaker in the others. Creatio is designed to provide all three functions with equal strength to truly accelerate your business development. It’s easily adaptable, too, with customizations able to be accomplished by “regular people” instead of IT specialists. Many of our clients have transformed from good to great using this modern, dynamic CRM.

A triple threat CRM: one that powers your operations, analytics, and collaboration for the win.

Triple Threat-Triple Treat bpmonline CRM


A triple treat CRM: one that makes customers, employees -- and you -- happy.

That’s Creatio.

What more can we say? Nothing, except this:

What would it look like for your business to go from just good enough to remarkably great?

What position might a triple threat CRM play in that transformation?

Contact us to discover the possibilities.  SCHEDULE A CALL


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