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Digital Disruption in Software & Technology

Infor President Duncan Angrove discusses digital disruption and bridging the gap betweenJust-what-I-wanted-CRM-1.png what an analog company can deliver and what today's customer expects. Every company is being impacted by digital - the notion that technology and software eats the world.

Software and technology is disrupting every industry we look at. Look at Uber with phone and transportation, or Air B&B disruption of the rental market. Industries are getting disrupted by the application of technology.

Infor is a software company that understands industries. And companies are coming to Infor asking how to navigate this digital disruption and take advantage of it. Whether it is new business models, it is defensive plays or it's finding ways to generate more revenue.

Digital brings the power of "networks" around the mobile phone platform. Social networks like Linked In and Facebook along with the "Internet-of-Things"- where the whole world is being connected and instrumented. 

We can now make that experience with that connected device better and more intelligent. But you can start now to optimized the way all these devices work together.

We are shifting to this powerful notion of "connected intelligence".





"People don't care how much you know

until they know how much you care"

- Theodore Roosevelt


We are Customer Experience


Infor provides the technology solutions that are powerful and engineered to meet all of your needs.  Our firm, Success with CRM Consulting, adds the attention to detail that meets the strategic requirements for your business improvements.

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