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CRM Crime PreventionInvestigate-the-crimes-of-a-crappy-CRM

Crimes might be happening right under your nose. As a business owner, you have the power to stop or, better yet, prevent them.

No need to call 911. These aren’t that sort of crimes. Nevertheless, their impact on businesses, and sales in particular, is damaging enough to put them on The Black List. It’s important to get to the bottom of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to protect against harm.

We hereby deputize you to join the investigation. Let’s examine the evidence. As Detective Joe Friday would say on Dragnet, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Clue #1: Missing persons – Your customer service rep gets a call and wants to provide seamless service. Yet where is the information on this particular customer? The rep has to put the customer on hold, look in multiple locations for it, maybe even ask the customer to repeat information that’s been given already. The crime: Even more people go missing because it creates the kind of customer experience that makes for negative reviews and loss of referrals. That’s something that can take a long time to purge from your record.

Clue #2: Lost time – Sales reps have to spend too much time dredging their memory for details of prior contacts with specific customers, then after making a call lose even more time as they write up a report for management. The crime: They are not selling. It’s not their fault, though. Like the customer service reps, they are doing the best they can with the systems at hand. You have the power to return that time to them and to your business.

Clue #3: Hidden identities – Who is that in the shadows? It might be your ideal customer, but how can you discover their true identity? The only way to know ideal customer characteristics is to have accurate customer profile information. The crime: Sales efforts are squandered on the wrong people. Without a CRM system, it’s impossible to accurately profile who is responding well to your marketing and who actually is choosing your products or services. When you know that, you can make a strategy to reach even more like them.

Clue #4: Mismatched testimony. Your systems and teams are telling different stories. If they’re siloed, your enterprise is vulnerable to all the other crimes. You’ll be duplicating effort as you wrestle to coordinate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), accounting, or manufacturing systems. And not having your CRM seamlessly integrated with your Outlook or Gmail? Why not, in today’s world? The crime: Aiding and abetting all the other crimes. More loss of time and accurate data.

Clue #5: Distracting non-leads -- How many bunny trails does your sales team have to chase down before they find qualified leads to move further into the sales pipeline? The crime: Your true objective is obscured, and it will take even longer to find opportunities that will lead to a resolution, which of course we call a close in sales. Again, see Clues 1, 2, and 3.

Clue #6:  Hidden evidence – How long do you have to wait for your reports? When you get them, do they tell you what you need to know? Without timely data of the kind you need, how can you intercept problems before they blossom into something tragic for your business? How can you plan to flourish?

This one affects other management tasks as well. It hinders sales management from easily reviewing all that team members are doing and whom they are contacting. They can’t tell which opportunities are hot, warm, or cold. The crime: mediocre management and hit-and-miss forecasts for future revenue. Considering all the powerful CRM technologies available today, so much more is possible.

Clue #7: Neglect – Technological innovation is fast and furious. Using a continual patchwork of customization to try to make an old system work ends up putting constant pressure on other resources, monopolizing your IT support team’s time, and costing more money in the long run. The crime: Neglect is itself a crime and evidence of a stressed organization. Not seeing the value of supporting systems with the most up-to-date versions of CRM and other technology leaves them all vulnerable to risk.

Clue #8 (“Just one more thing,” as Detective Columbo would say as he turned, on his way out the door): Isolation -- None of us is designed to stand alone. In true crime stories, it’s always wise to know when to call in experienced people who know how to strategize based on the evidence. This one’s a clue to the solution. In this case, you might consider calling for a CRM consultation.

A CRM business partner should be just that, a partner. Someone who has made the effort to get to know your business and can recommend how CRM can best serve your unique business.  Someone who knows world-class CRM and BPM systems inside and out. Someone who will help you create a CRM “crime prevention” culture with systems to support remarkable customer experiences. Someone who will be there when you need them over time.

Are you the victim of CRM crimes? Do you have a CRM partner you can rely on? If not, don’t call 911.

For a free Strategy call - Dial up: (269) 445-3001  or email:  Dick@SuccessWithCRM.com 

We too are here to serve and protect. Our goal is to drill down with you to find the solution that will support and increase your success. The office line is open. 

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