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How to reset an Infor CRM user login

Issue:   CRM user gets locked out of Infor CRM webExpressions-15.jpg client

A typical cause of a user lock out is when a user has entered an invalid password more than once while trying to login.  (This applies to an Infor CRM web portal that is not using Windows single-sign - where the Windows network user is automatically logged into Infor CRM.)

Note the CRM administrator can configure the system Security under the web client->Administration->Office Profile->Security tab for:

System security password configuration.jpg


Resolution process:

1. Login to the Infor CRM web client as the Admin user and from the left navigation pane select "Administration->Users".

Infor Administration Users menu.png


2. Select the users group "Users With Failed Logins".  This group will list the user or users that are currently locked out.

Group-Users with failed logins.jpg


3. On this same screen, look to the far bottom right for the "User Tasks" section and simply click on "Reset Users'


Task-Reset Users.jpg

A web browser refresh should not show any users remaining with failed logins.

Additionally the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Windows Administrator application can be used to reset a locked user account. Users whose accounts are currently locked will have a red square in the Login column.  Follow these steps::

  • Login to the LAN Windows Administrator as Admin user.
  • From the Navigation bar (left side panel), select Users icon.
  • Select the "All Usres" tab if not already selected.
  • Right-click on the target users profile and select Reset User Logins

KB article on How to reset a user account - add this to your Infor CRM library as digital handy resource.


Refer to the on-line Infor CRM Help system- always available...

Help-reset locked out user.jpg


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