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Visibility of Work Matters

There’s a lot of talk about CRM providing a “360-degree view,” with good reason. We stress its importance in our work as a Creatio CRM partner and consultant, and the businesses we work with value it greatly. What it usually means is a full profile record of customers that includes all their interactions with your company, all their needs and interests, and who they are connected to.

But it has a second meaning that’s just as critical but often overlooked: Your CRM makes work visible.

Let me explain. Creatio CRM helps users manage their own workflow: who do they need to follow up with when, and whether they are reaching their own performance goals, for instance.

Schedule in Creatio mobile

Schedule daily view Creatio mobile

Top 5 sales reps by won opportunities

Creatio-top 5 sales reps by won opportunities

The way information is shown visually matters. About 65 percent of adults are visual learners, which means they rely on sight to engage their brain. Otherwise, their attention and engagement will be low and learning will be poor. When we can engage the brain to solve problems, we gain clarity around a problem and find that making informed decisions becomes easier and more consistent.

Because our brains are designed to find meaningful patterns and structures, making work visible is one of the most fundamental things we can do to improve it. It’s impossible to manage what you can’t see or perceive in some way.

Account manager dashboard in Creatio mobile app

Dashboard - Account manager - Creatio mobile

How CRM Makes Work Visible

  • Interaction records capture each instance of engagement employees have with customers and prospects, providing an ongoing proof of activity – or lack of it. Accountability kicks in.
  • Team members see each other’s actions, both completed and planned. Sales, marketing, and customer service can work seamlessly together instead giving the customer a sliced-and-diced experience.
  • Each step of the sales process is visible to sales reps in a format that they can consistently follow.
  • Management sees an overview of the team’s work as well as its results, which informs better business decisions.

Timeline of all a customer account's activities

Account activity timeline-Creatio-CRM

A consistent visible sales process

Opportunity-sales process next steps-Creatio

The Benefits of Work Made Visible by CRM

Making work visible has a measurable impact on the productivity and quality of service of a company. It also contributes to a culture of purposeful action.

  • Employees get clear, consistent confirmation that what they do matters to the whole enterprise.
  • Employee development can be more focused. The cream of your team, so to speak, rises to the top, and leaders emerge. At the same time, a manager will see who could use a little coaching before problems arise. Those individuals can be paired with mentors whose work makes them a good example.
  • Time management improves because people can better prioritize based on a deeper knowledge of what to do when, who to help, and what to sell that fits that customer’s needs.
  • All your business processes can be improved when you can see where the bottlenecks or missed hand-offs happen. Eliminate the glitches and workflow will proceed effortlessly, resulting in better service and a happier staff because their work is more meaningful. Creatio CRM, formerly bpm’online, is unique in that it layers customer relationship management with business process management to support a superior experience, both internally and externally.
  • Visible work informs the future, leaving a clear path when new employees join the team or new leaders take over the helm.

Visual dashboards to measure the work performed in Creatio



The bottom line?

Making work visible illuminates what is working and what is not, so your company can move forward with resolve.

It’s transformative.


When you want to up your game in all customer-facing parts of your organization, it’s time to make work visible. Accelerate your transformation with Creatio CRM.

Contact us (269)445-3001 to discuss what that could mean for your company. Select


Note: The phrase, “making work visible,” is taken from the book by Dominica DeGrandis, Making Work Visible


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