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Let's face it, the customer is in control of your business. Your business success depends on your determination to create a remarkable experience for your customer each and every time.

Over the next few months of posts I'll cover "What the Customers Expects." Your feedback will help other blog readers, so let's have at it.

If your customer were writing this post, here's what she would say:

woman-Customer-Business-Success-CRM"I expect:

1. You to DO exactly what you say you will do.

I don't expect you to be a superman but I do need to know I can rely on you. That being said, doing more than what I expect will set you apart from the average business encounter.  I am an asset to your business!

2. A friendly voice on the other side of the phone.

This means more than you can imagine.  Someone who empathizes with me builds lasting trust. 

3. Your messages to be CLEAR.

Remove that technical jargon and communicate in my words, not yours. I won't buy from you if I can't understand your quote. Clear communicattion will save your time too, because you won't have to explain over multiple calls, emails, and faxes what you really mean. By the way - please make your web site easier to navigate and your email communications jargon-less, too. 

4. To be able to trust you..

... but honestly, I've had enough bad experiences that it's hard to believe a company will deliver what's promised, at the price it was quoted.  I'm skittish, especially after the current recession.  See items 1 - 3.

5. No excuses.

The buyer-seller relationship isn't equal and it never will be. I don't care about your excuses or your company's excuses. In fact, if I notice your excuses at all, your back-pedalling just annoys me even more.  Start planning now, so you won't be tempted to make excuses later.

6. To feel good about buying things...

...but I hate to feel like you are trying to sell me something. Get to know me first and what I'm trying to accomplish. Then help me understand how what you have can help me.

7. That each of your company's people can get up to speed quickly about what I need.

I expect you to have up to date, even insightful, notes about our last conservations. Did the reps really listen to me?

8. You to make it easy for me.

I want you to work hard so I can easily purchase what I want, and then use the product or service without hours and hours of detailed instruction. Help me uncomplicate my life, please

9. To feel thoughtful and appreciated...

. . . when your business provides excellent service and follow-up on the results to my friends and associates. If I take the time to recommend your business, my integrity and good judgment are on the line.  Your company better come through.

10. You to follow up, even when I don't expect it.

Let me know when you will be calling back, emailing, or meeting with me. Even remember to tell me what I'm suppose to be doing in the interim. But don't stop there. A thank you card, an unexpected reward/gift, or a useful tip will create a WOW experience that I'll remember and tell my friends about.


P.S.  I appreciated that you were paying attention to me as I was talking - Thanks !

If your business management system isn't delivering what your prospects and customers expect, it's time for a CRM Readiness Assessment and consultation.

Dick and Julie have the passion, experience and tools to help improve your Customer Expectation Strategy. Give us a call..



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