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Appreciated-CRM-ValueSome businesses have a couple of special customer appreciation days each year. That can be part of a good marketing strategy, but Julie and I advise our entrepreneurial clients to make every day a customer appreciation day.

In the process you’ll increase – or appreciate -- the value of your business.

Crucial to both sides of that equation is your customer relationship and management system. Did you ever think of it and its contents as an appreciating asset? It is.


Appreciation has to do with appraisal or value. An appreciating asset is one that increases in value. Some day that will be again true about that office building you own. It is true about your customer base, your knowledge of what thrills them, and your successful systems to ensure that happens consistently. When it comes time to appraise and sell your business, a robust CRM system chock full of value will not go unnoticed.


Appreciation also means showing someone that you value them. When you show your customers that they are appreciated, likewise they will appreciate you.  Happy engaged people in business will connect with the same type of prospects and the cycle of growth continues, spinning larger and farther. Have a "We Love Our Employees Day!, like the Container Store provides.


Appreciation drives Appreciation-focusedappreciation, and it doesn’t really matter which definition you start with. Wise implementation of a CRM strategy not only grows your collection of knowledge about what those customers need and want.

It also provides the structure to almost guarantee that every experience they have with you leaves them with no doubt about how much you appreciate them.

Sales reps will have the tools to connect with clients, remember what’s important to them, and even automate some tasks to nurture those relationships. They will be able to respond intelligently to every customer request.

Let the referrals begin and multiply. Appreciation--can’t grow it without showing it.

How can more appreciation increase the value of your business?  Let's talk:




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