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How can you prepare to get , the way they will want you to in 2025?

In a minute we’ll get into final part our 3-part series on what customers will expect six years from now from their experiences with companies they do business with. But first, a quick review of the five expectations we’ve covered in previous posts.


Expectation #1: A frictionless journey. Today 70 percent of consumers say getting what they want with the ease of a superhighway and companies knowing the context of earlier interactions with them are key to winning and keeping their business. This number will increase.

Expectation #2: More social media support and shared experiences. Peer reviews and online ratings will increasingly drive buying decisions. And if customers have a bumpy experience with you, the digital world will hear about it.

Read more about #1 and #2.

Expectation #3: More seamless user interactions. Businesses must de-silo their customer-facing departments and make sure all information is shared.

Expectation #4: More mobile features. In 2025 the pervasiveness of mobile devices will include wearables and IoT. Customers will expect to have meaningful, seamless experiences with your business on all of them.

Expectation #5: Voice search and video experiences are what customers are going to want more of, and both take faster speeds. To meet the need, 5G is coming. Business software like CRM and BPM will need to be even more adaptable to keep up with technology advances.

Read more about #3, #4, and #5.

Now to get into the last two expectations:

Holistic strategy drives richer positive outcomes

Expectation #6: More engagement of both external and internal customers. A winning customer experience is about people, the ones inside as well as outside the company. Changing expectations of customers for their journey with you can only be met if your staff knows you care about their experience as well. They want to work smarter. Show them you care about making their lives easier by giving them what they need to be successful.

How quality businesses will respond: Ask your staff what they need to make their work easier and more efficient. Listen to their answers, then talk to a seasoned partner like Success with CRM about how solutions can be adapted to their needs as well as support their ability to contribute to the quality of experience your customers expect. Then watch your employees shine as they delight your customers.

Expectation #7:  Holistic positive outcomes. This is especially true for B2B customers but not limited to them. Customers are becoming used to being known more intimately in our digital world. They may present with a surface need, but more and more they want it understood it’s only a part of their life both professionally and personally. If what you provide can improve their lives on more than one level, or if you can at least create messaging with that in mind, your customers’ loyalty will skyrocket.

76 percent consumers expect companies to understand them-Business Success with CRM


How quality businesses will respond: Be sure you are getting the data you need to know who your ideal customers are deep-down. Emerging CRM is using predictive analytics and machine learning that will lead to more effective understanding of characteristics of human behavior. Companies will use data to spot trends and more importantly spot an individual customer’s buying patterns. Additionally, knowledge of generational & economic patterns will drive marketing personalization.

Customer experience excellence will be led by companies that see patterns in data, in processes and in people. Are you prepared to meet these growing customer expectations? We can help you evaluate and optimize your readiness to thrive in a changing business environment. Reach out today to set up a complimentary discovery call.



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