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“We have to use the past to improve the future.”

I recently heard this statement from Alan Weiss, a world-famous entrepreneur coach whom I have followed and learned from over the years. He was echoing wisdom from George Santayana, a philosopher and writer from another era who famously said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


If you want wisdom, there it is.

What happens when business owners either do or do not curate their past? Sometimes they learn hard lessons or are left vulnerable. But on the flip side, they move forward, stronger. Here are two examples from our client files.

From disjointed to confident

A payroll company had a prominent customer who complained that their issues were not being resolved in a timely way. The payroll company CEO was getting pressured, and because they had scant notes on the history of their responses to issues, she ended up compensating by giving free services and licenses. This was not the only problem--overall, the payroll company was seen by its customers as internally disjointed, which hurt their trust factor.

How the past has improved their future: The CRM we helped the payroll company choose and implement now provides the complete history of customer calls to all team members. They can rest assured that they’ve addressed and resolved customer issues quickly and wisely. When a rare slip-up happens, they know where to fix the process. Having unified records of past interactions has restored their own confidence and their customers’ trust.

From dropping the torch to a smooth hand-off

Another of our clients had a star salesperson who excelled because of the relationships he had built with customers. But when he resigned to take a new job, the owner discovered the salesperson had not entered notes about his customer interactions or even names of most of his contacts. Neither the owner nor a new sales rep had enough history to go on. Customers fell through the cracks and sales suffered.

How the past has informed their future: When this business owner called us, we saw that they needed a CRM system that would actually work the way his team needed it to. With our guidance, the owner involved employees in the decision and designated a champion from the sales force to lead the adoption. Lack of information and buy-in had hurt their bottom line in the past but, moving forward, they are able to provide customers with seamless experiences no matter who communicates with them.



You deserve a CRM that actually works to curate every interaction your business has with every customer. Without it, the loss of history will harm your future. Instead, you can soar to success when you access historical data about all your processes and relationships. That’s our vision for you.

Consider the rapid transformations available with technology.   

Your information system / CRM system is the asset that holds information about the business and that knowledge is typically locked or hard to access.  Today's CRM - customer relationship and management systems like the award winning Creatio (formally bpm'online) CRM offers a single user interface to helpful tools linking sales, marketing, customer services and operations.  Your team has that all important access to knowledge about the customer so customers experience rapid and really helpful advice.  Now tie in social listening and chat bots for 24 x 7 x 365 guidance to get a jump on the competition and be known as a remarkable business.

What is your challenge? We can help.

Call us today (269)-445-3001 or use the button to schedule a discovery call.




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