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Mobile CRM growthWhat are the real advantages your business and staff will realize with mobile computing? 

Better Work / Life Balance—Today's successful businesses must balance a comfortable working environment with a variable workflow that creates an excessive level of work at certain times of year—which means that the ability to access data from outside the office can be a key component of a successful work/life balance. While your job may require a lot of extra hours, thanks to today’s mobile technology they don’t have to be spent in the office. After all, what makes for a happier employee: being tied to the office until late into the evening so they can finish their work, or being able to enjoy dinner at home each night and attend family events, then following up on some of their work later in the evening from home or in a hotel?

Ability to Attract Younger Staff—The tech-savvy employees that are now entering the workforce grew up in the digital age, and are accustomed to working with mobile devices. A growing business that can advertise a modern mobile computing policy is very attractive to young professionals just out of college and holds a significant competitive advantage over less technologically advanced firms. 

Extend the Reach of Your Staff—Mobile computing allows your business to extend the reach of its software and make it available to sales reps, customer service and staff members who are working outside the office. Your employees may not do all their work on a mobile device, but there are many valuable tasks they can perform remotely, such as updating a quote, adding new account and contacts for a recent prospect meeting, send email, etc.


Better Customer Service—Customers expect instant access to information, which extends to their communications with their sales and customer service professionals. If your business can make itself available beyond business hours and more responsive to your customers without having to worry that someone is in the office manning the phones, you hold a definite competitive advantage. And as many products and services become a commodity, customer service is frequently the difference between losing or retaining customers.

Mobile-Friendly Software—Software products available to small and medium sized B2B businesses today naturally lend themselves to mobile computing, because they’re expressly built to make accessing data remotely more convenient than ever before. Dashboards in products such as CRM applications make it easy to quickly access critical data at a moment’s notice from a mobile device. So as your business evaluates new software and technology in your office you should evaluate the mobile computing position of your software vendor. Are they a leader in the profession, or are their products not taking advantage of the efficiency that mobile computing can bring to a growing business like yours?

Speech to Text microphone Mobile Infor CRM

Business Efficiency / Productivity—Approvals can happen faster, business decisions can be made, and actions can be taken without having to wait for a sales representative or manager to come into the office. Mobile computing opens up countless options for more creative work environments by letting some employees work from home or on a flexible schedule during the work day, since they can easily be just as accessible and productive remotely as they can when in the office and at their desk.


See how mobile CRM can impact your bottom line.


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