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Prospect Follow-up Made Easy and Eliminate Follow-up Failure

Sales prospects aren't always ready. Yet I've seen statistics that indicate that 50 percent of sales reps don't follow up after the first call.  There are options to keep prospects in the loop and educated with valuable information.
Drip-Marketing-CRMWhat's needed is some type of nurture marketing campaign solution that automatically sends out an email or letter every so often to keep those prospects in the loop. Then when they're ready to buy, they'll think of you. Drip marketing provides a few drips of nourishing information on a pre-planned schedule. It helps to keep the value you bring, "Top of Mind" to your prospects and customers....
Technology exists to help you "set it and forget it." Using one of these systems, let your messages compel your prospects to call you back to learn more.
Here's a simple drip-marketing series:
  • 1st Touch: Email an introduction.
  • 2nd Touch: Mail capabilities letter.
  • 3rd Touch: Email link to sign-up form for a free "Tips Sheet."
  • 5th Touch: Email 1st tip.
  • 5th Touch: Email 2nd tip.
  • 6th Touch: Mail postcard offering a free white paper, downloadable from your website.
  • 7th Touch: Call to request a meeting and/or ask for a referral.
Seven touches, and only one requires a salesperson to follow up.The goal: Attract prospects and customers to buy from you automatically, when they're ready.
NOTE: In any email marketing campaign, to stay CAN-SPAM compliant, be sure to use a system that tracks opt-outs.
I'd be happy to discuss with you options to design your own drip-marketing campaign, utilizing Creatio Marketing Automation, Swiftpage ACT!,or Infor CRM software.

Topics:   Forgotten Customer Relationships Keep in Touch Staying Top of Mind Business Growth Enabler

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