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Helpful resource in evaluating CRM solutions that meet your needs

As an Infor CRM channel partner we are very excited with the news that Infor CRM has been placed #1 on the SelectHub Leaderboard, a representation of leading CRM software vendors.

SelectHub’s Leaderboard is formulated through a careful review of a collection of resources.

The leaderboard includes a combination of in-house vendor research conducted by our analyst team, content provided directly by vendors, data from third-party review websites and also data and evaluations gathered from IT research firms. 

SelectHub Leaderboard


SelectHub’s analyst team carefully examines the resources and compiles our leaderboard consisting of rankings, features and tools which assist decision makers in their navigation of the software selection and purchasing process.

Why does this matter?

As prospective customers turn to third-party websites like SelectHub to evaluate solutions that fit their needs, they are seeking vendor input and validation on features, and other proof points to consider while making a buying decision.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

While Infor CRM is #1 on the SelectHub leaderboard, what’s really most important is that you find the right solution for your business. Starting with SelectHub, we encourage you to review the details their analysts have listed, then give us a call (269-445-3001) and let’s talk CRM.

Select Hub Leaderboard

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