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Improvements for Infor CRM using InboxGuru marketing automation


One of the helpful capabilities of Inbox Guru is that the results of campaigns and web page visits becomes part of a contact's record in Infor CRM as a history record.  Therefore, you can use history records for analysis and decision making. Use this data to get instant feedback on who is reading your emails and web site content. Because of the flexibility of Infor CRM you can create a 'main view' of historical records, have various history groups and apply filters.  

Here we show the history group "Latest InboxGuru" created records.  The view shows the date of the activity, company account name, contact information, campaign name and so forth.

Infor CRM History main view Inbox Guru results.png

With the flexibility of Infor CRM web architecture, filters can be created to easily show less and less records for History filtes Infor CRM groupvarious conditions. In the group above of Inbox Guru history records we can filter to only show a specific category such as email campaign versus web site activity.

The campaign description filter can be used to show specific activity records for a specific campaign.

Email campaigns have results and you can filter to show Bounced, Emails sent, emails opened, emails clicked and unsubscribes.

The type of history records for Inbox Guru is either email or Note (for web activity)

In our system 'InboxGuru' is a user account that receives all the updates from the Inbox Guru system.

For follow up questions on our History main view and the use of Groups  or Filters, please contact Dick  (269) 445- 3001.


New Features from Customer Feedback

Campaign exclusion lists
You can now specify one or more exclusion lists when defining a drip campaign.  Exclusion lists can include personal lists, dynamic groups and Adhoc groups.  To define an exclusion list, open the campaign, select any object, and select "Exclusion Lists" from the drop-down list box.

Restore email
Each time you save an email template or an email inside of the campaign, a copy of the previous email content will be saved.  If you ever wish to restore a previous version, then open the template or email and select "Restore Email" from the Email Actions menu.  This will take you to a new screen that will allow you to select a date/time of the saved email.  You can then preview the email and restore.

Add Activity
When creating a nurture campaign, you already have the ability to add actions during any step.  Actions are notification, adding/remove from drips, etc.  Now, you can add an Infor CRM activity to the lead or contact for the assigned account manager.

In a list or not in a list
The decision tree now supports logic based on the inclusion or exclusion from a list.  This includes personal lists, dynamic groups and adhoc groups.

Web Activity Subsites
You can now specify a subsite in your web activity.  If you are tracking more than one website by domain or perhaps you are tracking sites by division, you can now report by these classifications.

Send from multiple domains
We now allow you to send from multiple domain names.  This allows companies that have multiple web properties and multiple domain names to send campaigns from one InboxGuru account.  In addition, if you want to send transaction emails from one account and marketing emails from another account, this is now possible on a campaign by campaign basis.

Suppression Lists
You can now import unsubscribe and bounce data from your previous ESP vendor.   To access the suppression list, go to Administration and select Suppression Lists from the drop-down menu

Video:  InboxGuru webinar

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