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Proactive and focused efforts on the right tasks and right relationships

Meet Joe Taylor, a top sales representative at Acme Forklifts.  During this demonstration we'll be following him through a day in his life.  We will see how he leverages Infor CRM during three key points in his day. And how he uses it to maintain proactive and focused efforts on the right tasks and the right relationships.

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Video link....

Day in Life of Top sales rep using Infor CRM.png


  • What is Infor CRM  @1:30
    • Infor Customer Experience Suite
    • Entire customer life cycle
    • Alignment and operational efficiencies across all departments
  • Infor CRM Demonstration  @ 3:05
    • Working inside Microsoft Outlook with Infor Xbar @ 4:30
      • Use new email and create a new lead in CRM from the email signature information
      • Adding notes to the new lead
      • Create/Update service ticket for the contact in new email
      • Updating opportunity status to Closed-Won
    • Using Infor Web client  @ 8:25
      • Managing your day's activities
      • Using visual dashboard to manage key decisions
      • Keeping on track with key opportunities
      • Using smart lists in dashboard
      • View who I need to contact & untouched leads
      • Using sales intelligence on most likely next purchase
      • View ERP and marketing results in CRM for key account
      • Finding accounts business locations near-by for customer visit
      • Planning customer visit
    • Using Mobile client  @17:40
      • Reviewing schedule for the day
      • Checking up on KPI - key performance indicators
      • Use Google map for driving directions to customer
      • Review open service tickets and activities before visit
      • Capturing meeting notes- voice to text direct to CRM
      • Attach picture to account record
      • View accounts near-by to fill out the day


Infor CRM has a purposeful design to be an end-to-end solution for sales and service teams and provide the necessary interaction points for the marketing team to collaborate and provide support where needed.


End to End Sales Solution.png



Three seamless access points to allow your team to work whenever and where ever they need to.

Infor CRM everywhere.png

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