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People X Processes X CRM multipliers

We love seeing our clients discover new things about their businesses. They get excited when they see how the intersection of various factors can propel giant leaps in their business growth, clarity, and innovation.

If the primary goal of a business development strategy is to build partnerships and leverage them to drive revenue – and we believe it is – then it’s crucial to understand how exploring the intersections of people, processes, and relationships can lead to an explosion of exceptional connections. It’s a factor of multiplication, not addition, as one person's passions and interests will potentially link to another 150 to 200 people. From this fertile soil, the parties discover joint ventures and enhance their value creation.

What is the benefit of CRM in identifying and leveraging intersections for business development?

Patterns Emerge

With an intelligent, business analytics system like Creatio CRM at work for your business, patterns start to emerge along with increased visibility into the ever-changing needs of your customers. Maybe revenue is shifting by product lines. Or you may discover that prospective customers are finding your business in a different way than before. Sometimes trends in service issues become visible that indicate a need to develop a new product or create a proactive or corrective process. It’s all right there, visualized in your dashboard, ready for you to use as the basis of sound strategy.

Decision analytics dashboards in Creatio


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People and Processes Intersect

A CRM is a relational database that allows you to see relationships in ways that are impossible with a flat Excel file or a loosely linked set of Outlook/Google contacts. Its design allows a business to more easily slice and dice data or group related information by account type, geography, sales history, product lines, customer classes, and date ranges for seasonal trends.

The core purpose of a CRM system is to acquireretain and develop profitable customers and other constituents like strategic partners and allied organizations. Creatio CRM layers that capability on top of its business process management engine to accelerate the ability of businesses to design processes that support the delivery of outstanding customer experiences as well as the productivity of internal users.


Fresh Perspective Appears

CRM, when well-integrated into a business, allows you to observe differently and gain a fresh perspective.  Don't you love those ah-ha moments about a first-time prospect, a loyal customer, or a business partner?  A change in perspective also affects how you look at your business and clarifies who your ideal customer really is. It focuses your attention.  A helpful CRM will provide the all important view of each organization's communications.

Creatio Account Communications Timeline

Account activity timeline-Creatio-CRM

Resource Allocation Improves

What would you stop doing if you knew it was not successful and was draining your resources?

  • Opportunities that are not going anywhere.
  • Advertising that costs more than it delivers.
  • Customers who are not profitable for your business and whom your staff shies away from dealing with.
  • Offerings that are not distinctive to you and full of value for your best customers.

With Creatio, you’ll be able to identify these resource drains more easily and quickly because it integrates so many of your systems. Business intelligence and analytics helps you make those important decisions faster.


Customer Knowledge Increases

None of us can get to know our customers by talking at them. When you listen more and talk less, prospects are drawn to you and your relationships with your customers deepen. Your business does not exist to tell its own story, but to make customers the heroes of their own stories. The real value they seek is support in their quest, and you can’t do that without listening. In fact, listening is one of the strongest communication skills you can develop. Your CRM system needs to be easy to use for all members of your team to consistently capture what they learn from listening to your customers and to make it appropriately accessible across your departments within a shared platform.

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Do you envision greater success and the ability to move to the next level?

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