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Better Decision Making, Creatio mobile, Accelerate Business Transformation

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A Guidance System for Your Business: Creatio CRM

Knowing where you are - at any time

Garmin 66I GPS with SOS

GPS, a global positioning system, has rightly earned its place in the pantheon of apps we now take for granted. Our family loves to hike, and we wouldn’t think of hitting the trail without it. My Garmin GPS 66i is in our pockets or beside us in the car when we drive to give us directions. It helps us:

  • Know where we are.
  • Find our way when the route is unfamiliar, either by walking, driving, or public transportation.
  • Get critically needed help in an emergency.

Think of CRM as GPS for your business.

How’s that, you ask? Let me count the ways it provides business navigation assistance:

  1. With its data, you can see the status of your business from multiple angles.
    Business Mgmt Dashboard options with Opp mgmt

  2. It shows you how far along opportunities and projects are, how fast they are progressing, and when you can expect to arrive at your goal.

    Sales Creatio - opportunity pipeline conversion graph

  3. It will give you insights into where future sales are most likely to come from.

  4. It alerts you to where support and service issues are arising, what they are about, and how fast and completely they are getting resolved.

  5. It informs faster decisions with easily viewed dashboards of business analytics at your fingertips. One click and you can change the filters or drill into details.

  6. It tells you about “nearby” relationships and referral networks.

  7. Need an alternate route? When one way of doing things doesn’t work so well, low-code Creatio CRM gives you the in-house capability to change direction and modify the processes on the fly to achieve success.

  8. You can carry it in your pocket as a mobile app

    Creatio-mobile-screen-1Creatio mobile-customer route mapping

  9. If you need to track back your route to what you are looking at the detailed account or contact timeline.

  10. And when you need help, call your CRM partner – that’s what we’re here for. Ask for Dick or Julie at Success with CRM.

Now really, you wouldn’t try to navigate on a trip to a new city without GPS, would you? Don’t try to navigate business development, customer relationships, and process management without CRM.

Contact us (269-445-3001) to talk about improving the GPS – er, CRM -- guidance system for your business and putting the low-code, process management, and unified platform superpowers of Creatio CRM to work for you.


When you want to get there consistently faster,

think of Creatio CRM to accelerate your business transformation.



Topics:   Better Decision Making Creatio mobile Accelerate Business Transformation

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