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Quick Start - Creatio CRM Education

Creatio Academy

is a great first place to start with a easily searchable.

Study Creatio at your own pace using free interactive online courses

Each course includes:

  • Short e-Learning Video
  • Related Knowledge base article
  • Quiz
  • Practical Task

 *The first time accessing the free videos does require creating a Creatio user email address login account to sign in.

Creatio Basics:

Module 1: Interface Overview, Filter and Folders

Module 2: Base Management: Contacts and Accounts

Module 3: Analytics in Creatio: Working with Dashboards


Sales Creatio Basics:

Module 1: Lead Management

Module 2: Sales Management - Opportunity Management

Module 3: Managing Invoices and Orders


Customer Service Basics:

Module 1: ITSM in Creatio (set of processes that enable IT departments to create, deliver, support and manage IT services)

Module 2: How to Process a Case (Ticket)

Module 3: Managing Feedback

Module 4: Contact Center: Queues and Agent Desktop


Marketing Creatio Basics:

Module 1: Email with Marketing Creatio

Module 2: Marketing Automation with Campaigns

Module 3: Lead Management


Administration and Configuration:

Module 1: Interface Setup: Section Wizard & Detail Wizard

Module 2: Object Data Module

Module 3: User Role Management, Access Permissions

Module 4: System Setting & Lookups

Module 5: Portals

Business Process Management Courses

Module 1: Introduction To Business Processes

Module 2: Modeling your first process

Module 8 How to Set up Dynamic Cases

for a total of 9 modules.

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