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I suspect that each of us at some time in our life have had an experience with a modern valet service. It may have been at a fine restaurant, at a larger hotel or some special event.  The service is there to make it easier for you, to reduce some stress and to make your experience more special.

Now you can have this similar valet service for creating and managing quotes for your sales reps along with providing personalized access to the quote to your prospects and customers.


QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks.  QuoteWerks integrates well with Swiftpage Act! and Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix).

QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects.

Rather than attaching the PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer (where spam filters strip it out), QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote to our customer on quotevalet.com. 

Know what is happening with the Quote, dynamically.

The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote. 

Your prospect or customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page - keeping all communication together.  Most importantly, they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote!

You can then collect credit card payments from your customer that is directly deposited into your checking account.  These payments are synchronized with QuickBooks.


QuoteValet Mobile - in 30 seconds:

QuoteValet Mobile is included in your QuoteValet subscription at no additional charge. QuoteValet mobile is a platform independent mobile quoting solution for tablets and laptops. Right from your iPad (or HTML5 compatible browser), you can create a quote for a customer onsite and email it to them while you are still with them. 




QuoteValet Shopping Cart

With the QuoteValet Shopping Cart, build and use online order forms to automate customer re-orders and receive paid orders from promotional e-mail blasts!  This feature is included in your QuoteValet subscription at no extra charge, and is easy to setup and used. Orders will appear on your QuoteValet Dashboard.

View of a quote in QuoteValet:



QuoteValet Web Executive Summary Dashboard:

Gain insight and have mobile access to your QuoteValet Executive Dashboard , Leaderboard, Inbox, Peer Reviews, and Approvals, anywhere, anytime from any web device like your phone, tablet, or PC. 

The Executive Dashboard gives you major visibility over quoting and sales processes across the board, from all sales reps. View top-dollar quotes and converted orders; number of quotes sent, accepted, and paid; sales-rep and customer comments; number of customer views on documents; and more.

My Summary is similar to the Executive Summary, but shows only information relating to the currently logged-in user.

QuoteValet Dashboard is designed to help you stay on top of all your pending quotes by providing one place to see all new notifications



The Dashboard is divided into the Inbox, Reporting and Payments.



QuoteValet 8 minute Overview:

This short video will introduce you to QuoteValet – Modern Quote Delivery.

QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and Acceptance Vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is designed to be a turnkey solution enabling you to start delivering interactive quotes in minutes.

QuoteValet is a subscription based add-on for QuoteWerks.

One of the largest problems facing sales professionals today is something as simple as delivering their quotes and proposals to their customers. Often, quotes attached to emails as PDFs would not reach the customer for a variety of reasons including spam filters stripping out the quote attachment, email servers rejecting attachments because of size or type.

QuoteValet circumvents these issues by creating a personalized web page to present the quote. Your customer will receive an email with a link to view the quote.

Since the QuoteValet quote is interactive, customers can choose optional items which eliminates the “can you send me another quote with that option on it” time wasting cycle, so sales reps close sales faster.




In summary, use Quote Valet to:

  • Know when a Quote is Viewed and Accepted
  • Provide ability for Approval and Peer Review
  • Collect Credit Card Payments from Customers
  • Provide a helpful Shopping Cart
  • Create and update quotes on Mobile devices
  • Gain insight and mobile access to your QuoteValet Executive Dashboard

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