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Creatio case studies: Distribution and manufacturing

Winning with Creatio

In a recent post (“Creatio CRM: Who Needs It?”), we described the types of companies that have the greatest potential for transformation when they adopt Creatio. To summarize, they are:

  • Companies that are process intensive. They understand process management. They see the value of connecting front-office activities with operational processes to drive productivity.
  • Companies that have multiple use cases. Multiple stakeholders within the organization will require a functional platform and process automation.
  • Companies that require customization to tailor user experience to meet specific needs.

Industries where Creatio has provided top value include but are not limited to professional services, financial services, manufacturing, professional services, telecom, IT and high tech, wholesalers and distribution, and retail.

A few months ago we blogged about the transformation that Ent Credit Union experienced as an example of how Creatio CRM benefits financial service organizations. Now let’s look at additional case studies representing two other industries.

Distribution -- BSN Sports

BSN Sports is the biggest online distributor of sports equipment in the US. When they adopted Creatio, it became their single source of data for more than ten internal teams in the sales, marketing, and customer service departments. At launch two years ago, they had 300 users as they began to incrementally add functionality and processes to their utilization of the solution:

  • Outbound marketing campaigns
  • Order management
  • Online sales
  • Customer service automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Field sales module
  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Satisfaction management

Keep in mind that this is all within one platform. At the time of this writing, they have nearly 2,000 users.

“The product flexibility allowed us to digitize our key sales and service processes, deliver needed changes and create a foundation for constant innovation and change,” says Andrew Kretzschemer, director of sales operations. “ We enjoy Creatio’s low-code approach that enables us to introduce changes and updates to the platform without staff overhead and within weeks, but not months or quarters.”

Manufacturing – Visteon

Visteon is a supplier of automotive cockpit electronics and autonomous driving systems. They use Creatio to orchestrate their IT environment and align client and partner international data, while accelerating multiple complex processes including:

  • Quote lifecycle management
  • Business processes for QLM
  • Tasks and approval management
  • Document management
  • Vehicle lifecycle management
  • Account management
  • Marketing automation

Visteon users of Creatio have grown from 100 to over 500.

“Creatio has allowed Visteon to implement an off-the-shelf process automation and CRM solution to build custom quote management workflows using the low-code BPM engine. This has allowed for greater global collaboration, knowledge sharing, and data integrity,” says Steve Steinberg, process and tools senior manager. “We continue to work with the Creatio team and our own internal developers to add more capabilities and features to our application.”


As you can see, both these examples are process intensive. They have multiple use cases. And they have unique needs that require heavy customization of the application to achieve the results they need. Creatio CRM not only fits the bill; it also has accelerated the transformation they seek.

Do you have similar needs and processes? If you see your organization in any part of the description at the top of this article, bring your questions to us. Our goal is to help businesses like yours make sense of the challenges of today’s commerce environment and demystify how to achieve maximum value with CRM.

Helping you make sense of what you face and demystify CRM for value

Do you need a system to make sense of business processes as well as manage your business relationships? Success with CRM Consultants help businesses like yours achieve their goals via the cloud-based Creatio (formerly bpm’online) software.

Read more about Creatio here or contact us today.  Office:  269-445-3001


Topics:   Sales Creatio Accelerate Business Transformation Use Cases

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