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Care and Feeding of Business System for Optimum Growth

As a business owner, you may see your product or service as your “baby.” This is the "entrepreneurial spirit" at work. You conceived it, brought it up, nurtured it with your time, energy, and resources, and watched it develop and grow. From the moment your business makes the leap from idea to reality, your systems are what will keep your “baby” growing in a healthy way.

With their first child, parents begin the journey with some plans for how they will provide for the child’s needs for nourishment, sleep, protection, and interaction. They know these are essential for their child to be healthy and thrive. But they soon learn that parenthood is about learning as you go and adapting to the timetables and individuality of the child. In the same way, you learn enough about the ebb and flow of your business to set up systems that make your life easier and support its growth. You adjust staffing to reflect the habits of your customers as you learn their buying behaviors. You run specials to attract clients during non-peak times. You connect with them through websites and periodicals they frequent.

How does CRM support the development of systems to ensure your business’s optimum growth? Creatio CRM helps you maintain vigilance, manage growth opportunities, adjust your business processes quickly and easily, and lead your team to take appropriate, timely action.

Opportunity management for growth

Soon after you put out your shingle, you realize you need systems to track prospective, current, and past clients. You need to create processes for informed, timely communication with clients and among staff. Without a comprehensive CRM system, potential opportunities are missed and business growth stagnates.

Look back at the parent-child parallel. As infants grow to toddlers, then school-aged children, then adolescents, parents need to adjust their systems. Can you imagine trying to bottle-feed a teenager? In the same way, an Excel spreadsheet may serve its purpose for a time, but with a growing clientele and new technology, it will soon be inadequate as a tool to manage the sales process. Current CRM systems such as Creatio CRM  with business process management can handle your burgeoning growth by automating some of your key systems and by connecting mobile sales staff to the entire database while syncing with email and maps.

Increased chances of survival

New businesses have a higher mortality rate than infants in this country. Thirty percent of new businesses will not live longer than two years. Half won’t survive five years. Raising up a strong business is hard work. The speed of change makes it even more challenging. Businesses that invest in support infrastructure and continue to learn from experts have a better chance of making it and becoming profitable.

Seek out the best possible tools and systems to give your business an optimum chance at growth and success. Creatio CRM is a management solution for many business processes from back office to sales, marketing, and service. It’s low-code design makes it highly customizable with minimal IT involvement.

We love hearing about the “babies” – er, businesses – that entrepreneurs have created. Go ahead, be the proud parent, and schedule a time to tell us about YOUR enterprise, and where you want it to be in five years. Are there systems that need to be updated to propel your business forward? Let’s talk.  Direct to Dick in the office: 269-445-3001


Getting started to accelerate your business transformation.


Topics:   Business Growth Enabler Growing Your Stronger Business Business Transformation

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