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Productivity Tips, Act!

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Accelerate the Speed to Revenue - Act! Integration with Zapier

Business Apps that increase productivity with Act! Premium Cloud Subscription.

Integrated connection between Act! and Zapier popular Apps automate everyday tasks to help you nurture leads, update contacts, communicate with your team, and learn more about your customers. Make your own ZAP with Triggers + Actions.


What is a ZAP?  A ZAP is a connection between two apps made of a trigger and an action.  Whenever the trigger event happens, Zapier will automatically make the action event happen for you!

What are Triggers, Searches, and Actions? Triggers, Searches and Actions are the foundation that power your integration.  

Triggers- watch for events in your apps, then kick off a sequence of Searches and Actions.

Searches- look up existing data.

Actions- create new items. Together these three complete your tasks automatically.

Key Benefits by App

Slack - Platform for team communication -It's like an instant messaging and chat app for your teams.

You can notify your team of new ACT contacts as they are created. Once the Slack integration is setup, new ACT contacts created from that point forward are individually posted to the Slack channel and shared with your team. 

Benefit: Instant notification of new ACT contacts and their ID/Status (like Prospect or Customer) for sales or marketing departments to follow up with timely actions.


Eventbrite - - Event management tool to create and manage your events. Creates new Act! contacts 
from anyone who purchases event tickets or registers themselves as an attendee for Eventbrite-2.jpgan event.

Benefit: Makes it easy to follow up with your attendees. Create an Act! Smart Task to automatically send attendees information about your event, add a follow-up activity to call them after the event date and add them to an eMarketing campaign.

VisitorTrack -  It's like Caller ID for your Website.  Track, capture and identify the anonymous business visitors to your website. Receive detailed information about companies and the people who work there without any web registration action.


Benefit: Helps you connect sooner with potential customers, and puts your sales team back in control of the buyer decision journey. Create opportunities for your selling team when Zapier moves these contacts into Act!.  Add the new contacts to an eMarketing nurturing campaign to drive interest and qualify leads for your sales team.

Learn More About Zapier Connections to Act! - Videos

Getting Started with Act! Connect

Getting Started with Act! Premium Contact Link

Connecting to Google Contacts

Connecting to Slack

Connecting to Eventbrite

Connecting to PayPal and QuickBooks Online

Connecting to Wufoo

Connecting to SurveyMonkey


  1. Have an active Act! Premium Cloud Subscription v18.1
  2. Act! Connect and the Act! Web API are currently only avilable with the Act! Premium for Web Client.
  3. Use of Act! Connet and the Act! Web API requires an activite subscription, installaion and set-up of the Act! Web API.
  4. Have an existing Zapier account.  Don's have an account?  Sign up FREE here!


Sign up for Act! Premium Cloud Subscription Today!


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