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Creatio marketplace 6 new apps

As a business partner with Creatio CRM we are happy to announce  6 new solutions and updates on Creatio marketplace - a unified ecosystem of ready-to-use apps, vertical solutions and templates.

Leverage the comprehensive tools to enhance efficiency of your day-to-day operations, generate more leads, increase customer loyalty and delight:

PieSync connector for Creatio

A powerful bi-directional synchronization tool that allows for seamless lead and contact synchronization. Share data at the early stages of the customer’s life-cycle by automatically synchronizing contact details and leads across other apps using PieSync connector. 

Improve your customers’ sales, marketing and service performance by easily and affordably connecting contact data without complexity across your business applications to guarantee relevance and reliability, every time.  Detailed video. 

Influ2 connector for Creatio

An innovative tool for Creatio that connects the system to a pioneering person-based marketing platform powered by machine learning technologies. Engage with new customers, attract high-quality traffic to your website and automatically transfer new leads to Creatio.

Use cases:

  • Demand generation. Attract high-quality traffic to your website or landing page with person-based advertising, generate leads and automatically transfer them to Creatio;
  • Brand awareness. Only preselected people see your ads. Improve your brand recognition by showing carefully crafted messages to the right people;
  • Content marketing. Share the relevant online materials with the specified target audience;
  • Sealing deals. Show targeted ads to clients on social networks and online media. Track prospect’s engagement to identify the best time to reach out and close the deals;
  • Customer success. Grow your retention rates by keeping your current customers engaged and informed. Share stories, special offers and updates via person-based ads. Surround your customer with an uninterrupted, yet dosed ad servings.


WordPress landing pages connector 

An easy-to-use connector that allows users to automatically transfer the submissions from custom WordPress landing pages to Creatio. This enables users to easily create leads, products and services orders, and track event registrations on the landing pages. 

Use Cases:

The WordPress Landing Pages Connector helps you to automatically transfer the submits in your website forms to Creatio and easily create leads, products and services orders, track events registrations or process cases created based on the feedback provided on your website.

Mail Chimp Connector for Creatio

A practical tool designed to set up seamless integration with one of the world’s most popular email marketing providers – MailChimp. Connect your Creatio system directly to MailChimp with bi-directional synchronization to improve the efficiency of your marketing activities.

Key features:

  • synchronize data between MailChimp and Creatio systems;
  • create, update, delete and populate contacts into lists from Creatio
  • create and populate contacts into segments from Creatio
  • link your MailChimp campaigns to existing business processes;
  • view list statistics from Creatio (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc)
  • view member statistics from the contact section;
  • automatically make changes to the Creatio contact when a member unsubscribes in MailChimp.


FedEx Connector for Creatio

A powerful tool for Creatio that greatly simplifies managing shipments through FedEx multinational courier delivery services company. The customers’ FedEx shipment information can easily be synced with Creatio to accelerate the deliveries.

Use cases:

The connector facilitates syncing the information about the customers' shipments and accelerates the deliveries through automation of the following processes:

  • creating shipments and accessing shipping labels directly from Creatio,
  • entering data in the shipping details upon filling in of the certain fields, such as the customer’s name or address from the "Contact" or "Account" page,
  • address validation through FedEx services with ability to make manual alterations.


Survey Monkey Connector for 

Advanced survey management tool designed to help users create and send professional surveys to target audiences, analyze new trends and gather actionable insight by automatically transferring the data to Creatio.

Use Cases

The integration can help with identifying:

  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis: Receive feedback regarding products, services and overall business value enjoying the benefits of Creatio's Business Process Engine, you can automatically send out surveys to recipients after they have completed a specific event.
  • Employee Engagement Assessment: Discover how to retain high employee satisfaction and create a great company culture, send a survey URL tied to the desired contact to track individual responses.
  • Event Planning: Get feedback from before, during and after your events.
  • Managing Education & Schools: Discover data to improve classes, programmes and academic processes.
  • Conducting Market Research: Identify key market trends to stay ahead of your competition.


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