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Better Informed Decisions, Quicker and Easier with Knowledge from Customer Relationship Management

So you have your Business Development Platform humming with a CRM foundation using the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) system.  It may be deployed on-premise or up in the Cloud. And the CRM relational database is full of useful knowledge about your business.

You now need a better solution for extracting this information, getting a holistic view of how marketing, sales and service is performing and drilling down into the details when you have questions.

Ideally you want to access Key Performance Metrics such as Opportunity movement within the Sales Pipeline, Customer sales over geographical regions, Activity trending and Salesperson performance...   Advanced Visualizations bring your business to life.

SalesLogix-Dashboard-Sales-Funnel                       SalesLogix-Analytics-Geography        SalesLogix-Analytics-Activities


More Advanced Visualizations Dashboard for Sales, Marketing & Customer Service


Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Advanced Analytics is our recommended solution to helping you get more out of your CRM knowledge database system. Use it to provide business analytics for Executives, Departmental Managers and in fact all CRM users to help move your business forward, faster.....




Bring Your CRM Data to Life

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics helps CRM users:

  • Assess key sales performance metrics with pre-built dashboards covering sales by geography, historical sales and win/loss, sales forecasts and opportunity pipelines, trend analysis, top/bottom performers and productivity analysis.
  • Improve customer service and support with insights into ticket volume trends, open and closed tickets and ticket activities.
  • Measure marketing campaign effectiveness and identify campaign adjustments
  • Set interactive dashboard controls to define specific metrics, methods of calculation, and which types of data to display, among other parameters
  • View multiple graphically-rich charts and visualization tools including bar, pie and line charts, combination charts, tree maps, heat maps, scatter plots and bubble charts.
  • Perform administration quickly and easily via the Saleslogix Administrator and a flexible data mapping tool


Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Advanced Analytics, a fully-integrated interactive analytics tool to help CRM users make more informed business decisions. Customizable Saleslogix Advanced Analytics dashboards let users work with data throughout their Saleslogix systems as well as analyze information from CTI/Telephony and eCommerce systems, data bureau web services and other external sources.


More Advanced Visualizations......

Advanced Analytics leverages a powerful TIBCO Spotfire® business intelligence engine to deliver visual and predictive analytics that are easy for users at every level of an organization to operate. TIBCO's in-memory analytics enable rapid data analysis within Infor CRM. Single sign-on user authentication and Spotfire security settings control access rights based on user and team profiles defined in Saleslogix.


Benefits Snapshot

Increase organizational and customer intelligence by analyzing data from across your business.

Make informed business decisions and shape strategic priorities based on actionable analysis.

Extend your competitive advantage by focusing attention and resources on the most profitable business activities.

Enable users at every level to gain insights they need to identify drivers of and barriers to success