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Define the Job and right Solution to Accomplish

When you really get down to getting smart work done it helps to clarify - what is the job that needs to get done. Additionally, we need to consider the time perspective of what solutions are available.

If the job is "I need this message to get there as fast as possible" it might have been:

George Washington hired a messenger on a horse. Abraham Lincoln hired a telegraph. Franklin Roosevelt hired the telephone. Barack Obama hired UPS or the Internet.  Different tools at different times were hired to get a job done.

What job did you hire your customer management business system to do?

Before the PC you hired pen and paper to write down lists of names.  Maybe you added them to a rolodex card system.rolodex-not-crm-small-resized-600

In the 1980's you hired your PC, personal computer, and SuperCalc spreadsheet to hold a list of people and businesses.

During the 90's you hired a contact management software, like ACT! as an electronic version of the rolodex. If you were lucky you hired that software to print out address labels and personalized mail merge letters.

Around the turn of the century you hired a specialized software, SFA, sales force automation electronic program to do more things even faster.  More capabilities arrived and there was the focus on the customer.  SFA turned into CRM - customer relationship management software systems.

Later you hired your email system to integrate with your CRM system. At first it was to synchronize contact information, then email transactions and all your daily calendar activities.

There were lots of moving parts so you hired your IT department or IT vendor 

If you had helpful information in your accounting system, you hired CRM to integrate with it.  CRM closed and won opportunities became sales orders in your accounting system. Invoice historical transactions of sales and payments became visible to the sales reps using CRM.  No more need to contact accounting to get sales history and pricing information.  It was magically there in your CRM account under a sales history tab.


Today you hire your CRM to do advanced work.

You hire your CRM to gather missing information about a company or a personal contact.  There is a whole world of enhancedData enrichment - new data found information from the social networks that can help to build strong relationships and know the key contacts of an organization.  Let CRM do that job.


You talk into your telephone and you hire your phone and CRM to work together to quickly and easily save meeting notes directly from phone to CRM. More about Speech to Text...

Speech to Text in CRM


You hire your CRM to automate appropriate tasks.  It may be the automatic creation of a weekly report, updating historical sales data or sending out personalized email messages with helpful content. Do you have a business process that will automatically create a support case from incoming emails or phone calls? 

Business process management (BPM) can come built into the CRM foundation so you can change the business rules as your business changes. More - critical reasons your business needs BPM with CRM.



Your hire CRM to record, update and analyze sales opportunities that drive top line revenue.  You begin to visualize what potential revenue is in the forecast and you are either Happy or Sad by what is reported.

Sales Opp dashboard Birst Infor CRM

You hire CRM to track each customer issue and the processing steps that lead to a resolution. Did it get resolved on time and to the customers satisfaction?  CRM's job is to show trending dashboards from updated information in CRM.

You hire your CRM to not only show your Daily or Weekly Calendar - but to do so intelligently with focus on the top customers and top prospect opportunities, first.  Your focused follow-up makes you feel productive and helpful. 

It was a good day getting that job done.


What Job needs to get done in the Near Future?

Is your CRM doing the jobs that you are needing done?

Does your sale teams need to access to CRM from a smart phone or tablet?

Is it not generating intelligent next steps from executive management dashboards?

Is it too full of unneeded menus and prompts on data entry forms?

In the near future you feel a need to get Jobs Done with CRM - you can hire any of us at Success with CRM Consulting.

Your next hire should be a successful CRM


Don't hire a Bad CRM.....

Download eBook How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM



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