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Better Decision Making, digital transformation, Make sense of what you face

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Making Sense of Decision-Making in a Digital World

If you’re making decisions about your business strategy, how are you thinking about digital?

By necessity, more of our lives happen digitally than a year ago. The transformation was underway anyway, but the need for physical distance to protect health created an acceleration that now requires us to adapt or get passed by.

Grocery orders, therapy sessions, Pilates workouts – they’ve all gone digital. Face-to-face sales call now seem like a holdover from another era. And of course, many of us have become remote workers using Zoom, Google Meets, or Skype multiple times daily for meetings.

Ah, but digital transformation goes deeper than that. You and your customers are using digital assistants like Alexa and interacting with the Internet of Things. As Fareed Zakaria says in his book, Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World, “The software revolution created a new world in which there is increasingly little distinction between the digital and material economy. Almost everything today runs on software.”

What does this mean for strategic decision-making?

“For every business, the software has become the key to growth,” adds Zakaria. “People speak of data as the new oil, the main resource fueling modern business,” he says. “But without software that can refine it, data is useless..”

Is your software up to the challenge?

Does it refine data? CRM has always been designed to refine data. Some do it better than others, so make sure you have what you need. For instance, users of Creatio CRM have a broad capability to customize their search parameters to gain insights that will inform decisions about processes, products, relationships, and business development.


Does it automate and personalize? CRM is designed to foster meaningful customer relationships. The more you know about your customers and their preferences, patterns, and needs, the more you can focus your sales and marketing to maximize the return on investment of your business development dollars. We must never forget that customers want us to relate to them human to human.

Creatio CRM has the functionality, to automate many actions, which increases the productivity of your employees, while being fully and easily customizable by your own “citizen developers” to maintain the personal touch customers expect even in their digital experiences.


Can it merge well? When you need to accelerate into fast-moving traffic, you don’t want a pokey four-cylinder beater. You need something with power and punch. The same is true for CRM when you need the capacity to merge and keep up with the digital environment we live in post-pandemic.

Most of us have experienced getting stuck behind someone who is driving slower than the rest of the traffic flow. Some of us may have been that person. If a business operates like that driver in adapting to the digital transformation, it will watch the taillights of its worthy rivals.

The future of your business requires strategic decisions, which in turn require data-informed knowledge that’s fast, accurate, and applicable. The right software, specifically CRM, will deliver it.

We recommend an audit of your existing systems paired with your vision and an understanding of digital trends. Start by talking with your own IT staff and consulting with experts.

Speaking of which, contact either Dick or Julie with your questions about Creatio, Info, or Act CRM’s present capabilities, future potential, and adaptability to a wide range of business development needs.

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Topics:   Better Decision Making digital transformation Make sense of what you face

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