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Creatio Comparison to HubSpot Sales Professional

Creatio (formally bpm’online) and HubSpot Sales Professional are two popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: software that helps companies track customer/employee interactions, lead management, sales opportunities, and calendar capabilities, etc.

There are much going for both applications to meet any one feature and scale to your needs. This leaves you with the task of determining what you will really need before diving in with any one of the two.

Creatio vs HubSpot-1

Searching for a worthy substitute to HubSpot CRM? Creatio is the ideal option for those looking for an affordable, yet effective CRM alternative.

In this free eBook, you'll learn:

  1. Capabilities of each CRM that are useful for your business needs
  2. The limitations of each CRM
  3. The focus and growth projections of each software company

Creatio is the most popular CRM in the marketplace today due to its feature rich platform capabilities, ease of setup and ease of use. Creatio has become a major player in the process-driven relationship management software arena. It serves the CRM purpose but complements that with built-in business process management capabilities creating one platform for marketing, sales, and service and automating the entire customer life cycle.

HubSpot Sales Professional is well suited for sales teams of less than 10 people. This positions the system as a very attractive option for small, midsize, and even smaller enterprise-level companies. 

The primary reason why businesses switch to other CRM solutions is that HubSpot is not robust enough to handle complex sales processes.  The solution is very limited in its customization, and forces users to pay for the Sales Pro which can become costly.

Matching the needs of your business with the right CRM's capabilities is key when looking at the two platforms.

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