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Strategic Business development, Creatio CRM, Make sense of what you face, Demystify CRM

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Making sense of your business’s past and present for a brighter future

Formulating Strategic Business Development and Growth

Your business’s future direction and even existence depend on your strategic planning. But formulating strategies for business growth and development that make sense is like planning a trip. You can’t plan your itinerary if you don’t know your starting point.

Successful business strategy requires data that gives a clear-eyed picture of the present as well as what worked and didn’t work to get there. Good ideas are great. Vision is essential. But without the facts, the foundation of your strategy is shaky. When so much else in the world feels like it is shifting, knowing your own business intimately and making solid decisions makes more sense than ever.

Customer relationship management solutions – CRMs -- are designed to compile and deliver a wealth of information. Yet three factors impact the results.

First, not all CRMs are created equal.

Second, the whole idea of how to choose and get the most from a CRM investment is mystifying and therefore intimidating to too many business owners.

Third, going it alone without an expert CRM partner puts small to mid-sized businesses in danger of making decisions based on either tunnel vision or lack of focus.

Our Approach

We serve clients by helping them understand the value Creatio CRM can bring to their businesses and how to customize and implement CRM for the best possible return on investment for their specific business. Integral to that process is an exploration with that client of their own business that benefits them beyond their CRM decision.

We go in with a learning posture because the more we know about the business, the more closely we can align our services to its needs. And we believe that when we collaborate in learning mode with business owners, they gain new insights into their organization as well. We’ve seen it happen time and again. Not because we have all the answers, because we don’t. But because we explore questions together.

Here are some of the questions we lead with as we meet with a new client:

  • What is your current reality?
  • How did you get to this point? What have you done, or what should you have done to be in a better place?
  • Who has been involved? Who needs to be involved?
  • What systems have been involved? What worked? What didn’t?
  • What are your pains, challenges, obstacles?

Answers to these questions invariably lead to more. Once you’ve gained clarity and we too have a clear picture of who you are, we can move on to talk about where you want to go, who you want your brand to become, and how CRM can help you can get there.

Now look back at those questions. Once you’ve got Creatio CRM in place – and we’ll be there to help with the data transfer, implementation, and learning the sweetness of your own customization without a developer because of its unique low-code platform -- you’ll have access to deep knowledge of your current reality and the effectiveness or lack thereof of business processes and past initiatives. The appropriately used system reveals top performers and so-so ones, as well as bottlenecks. The longer you use it, the more insight it will give you.

How is your current CRM at delivering data to you on where you are and how you got there? Is it still mystifying how to make it work to full capacity for you? What if you could eliminate the fog?

Ways to Eliminate the Fog and Demystify CRM

We don’t just sell CRM. Like Creatio, we want to help you accelerate on your journey to your future to have the business – and the life – you want. So, let’s get you moving forward. Contact us today for an initial conversation.  Creatio CRM services

Want to explore Creatio CRM on your own? Check out the upcoming free Accelerate Global livestream event planned for October 28. You can choose from over 200 sessions led by industry leaders spaced over 24 hours. Sign up here.

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Topics:   Strategic Business development Creatio CRM Make sense of what you face Demystify CRM

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