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Business Success Requires Genuine Care for Customers

Can you relate?

I’d like to tell you a true story we recently heard about how a solar panel salesperson blew a call. Seems that just as he arrived for a scheduled appointment at the new home of a young couple named Hull, their two-year-old daughter slipped and badly cut her chin open. When Mr. Hull opened the door, with his child screaming and bleeding in his wife’s arms, the salesperson simply launched into his sales spiel. They had to interrupt to tell him they needed to go to the ER, and then all he had to say was to ask when a better time might be for him to come back. In recounting the story, the dad said he’d install windmills before he ever did business with that company because of the lack of compassion that the salesperson showed.

That might sound extreme in its insensitivity, but it is a cautionary example of what can happen when businesses think of customers as simply profit sources or numbers toward a sales goal.

Businesses that succeed today have learned to treat people with genuine care. Customers expect it, even when their child is not bleeding! Truth be told, so do your employees and strategic partners. It’s time to engage them all more personally. The right digital tools can help when they free you to customize and provide one unified platform to track and manage every process that is part of customer relationships..

Genuine Care

Genuine care is something we try to model in our relationships with the businesses we serve. It’s also one of the core values of Creatio. Let’s look at how genuine care differs from the traditional way of engagement in the context of sales and marketing.

Relationships, not numbers.

It’s true that customers and prospects are represented as data points on our dashboards, but if that’s all they are to us, we don’t know them. And they can tell. Everyone wants to be known. Genuine care prioritizes building a warm, long-standing relationship with every customer. We view it as an indicator of our success that we’ve known and worked closely with some of our customers and partners for more than a decade.

Helping, not just profiting.

Customers are not simply sources of income. They are fellow humans, often fellow entrepreneurs with dreams, goals, and challenges. Genuine care prioritizes lending a hand, trusting that when we help first, our own business will also benefit in the long run. Thriving is not a zero-sum game.

Clear communication, not control.

When a bunch of add-on fees hides the total cost of the features of a solution, or the deal requires a lengthy lock-in, customers feel manipulated. Genuine care requires open, transparent communication, which shows respect. Everyone wants respect. No come-ons or traps are allowed.

Freedom, not force.

What does the customer need? It might not fit our scripted way of doing things, but if we aren’t meeting their needs, what’s the point? Genuine care listens to understand and adjusts the product or service to align with the unique needs a customer shares. In other words, we leave our sales playbooks behind. This is how customers receive and perceive maximum value.

There is a better way:

The salesperson we told you about at the top lost the opportunity of this young family ever becoming customers because he did not see their true needs as humans. He saw them as commission. Software can’t fix callousness, obviously. So where does it come into this picture?

For one thing, with one unified platform with sales, marketing, and service like Creatio, the next person to call this family would not be blindsided by a lack of knowledge about this botched interaction. if this salesperson had paid attention to what was happening in that home, graciously shown concern for the child and parents, get out of their way, then recorded it all in Creatio CRM with a note to circle back and simply ask how the little girl was, the door would have been wide open for him or another agent to reschedule an appointment. Genuine care and patience could have won them as customers for life. As it is, they not only will not purchase from this company, they are also telling others about their bad experience.

Genuine care is the way to go. Wouldn’t you agree?

As consultants and CRM solutions providers, we are excited to partner with businesses like yours who share genuine care as a core value. We want you and your customers to thrive.

How can we help? Schedule a call to talk (269-445-3001) or email, about how you can transform your customer care this year.

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