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Will Your Business Stay Competitive? Get It Done with Your CRM

Focus on the Critical Jobs that Need to Get Done

Is your business the high achiever you want it to be? Are your employees fully engaged and confident that they have the support to get all the jobs done that their roles require for success? Progress requires thinking ahead to the systems and culture that will support it.

Do any of these statements resonate with you? They represent some of the pain points that small to mid-sized business owners tell us they are experiencing.

Jobs to be done - Source-High Alpha

Source: High Alpha

  • Our employees need to connect more quickly with new prospects and carry on more meaningful conversations with customers. They could do that with better tools and more integrated information that right now we struggle to provide to them. They want to be better prepared to do the excellent job they want to do. They also need to be able to share that info with their colleagues, so they’ll have a backup that assures their customers have a unified customer experience.

  • It would really help our business development reps to know in advance that they have an accurate understanding of how closely the person they were contacting fit our ideal customer profile, so they could follow up on leads for our legal services more effectively.

  • Our customer service representatives need to know our financial services customers better and have the information they need at their fingertips to provide helpful and timely answers to their requests for tech support.

  • I sure wish we got more referrals from our existing customers. If we give them more positive experiences with us, maybe they would tell their business community and friends about our cybersecurity services.

  • It takes too long to create and implement processes. Too often they eat up hands-on time that could better be spent on customer relationships and strategic thinking. Plus, we need to be able to easily repeat what works well. We could use some help determining which processes we can automate to get jobs done, hour after hour, day after day, and a platform capable of managing them.

  • I worry that our management is not getting all the data and analysis we need to make faster, better-informed decisions. Sometimes it takes too much time to search for information and see trends. We need that at our fingertips.

  • I’m sold on the value of CRM, but I don’t want another software that I can’t customize without an app developer, which adds a lot of additional time and expense to my investment that I can’t afford. How can I know which solution is right for us?


What jobs are you getting done in ways that measure up to or exceed your expectations? Which other ones are creating bottlenecks and barriers to staying competitive? Take a good look -- use these bullet points like a checklist to help you begin to think through where your business needs transformation to move forward.


We have helpful tools, recommendations, and insights to help you to thrive in a swiftly changing business environment.

Our expertise in business analysis and Creatio’s agile, unified CRM and process management tools will accelerate you toward the vision you have for your company.


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