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Become More Agile in 2020:Manage Change with a Low-Code Strategy

Only advantage is agility

“The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility,” according to Jeff Bezos and his business venture success is proof.

Change happens faster all the time in the business world. No organization, including yours, can keep up without agile technology and processes. Until now, customizing systems to specific business needs has required one or more IT professionals. Yet we’re in a tech skills crunch: U.S. organizations have over 200,000 software developer job openings, but only about 30,000 computer science majors graduate each year.

As we head into 2020, how will your organization maintain its competitive edge? Your customers and employees expect strategies and tools that actually work, and that work fast. That is the question that demands an answer.

Enter low code. If that’s a new term to you, let me define it: Low code focuses on making app development simpler and quicker. It’s no longer necessary to rely on professional developers to create apps tailored to your business. With low code, drag-and-drop user interfaces replace line-by-line coding, so even everyday business users can use low-code platforms like Creatio to create apps themselves. We call them “citizen developers.”

With low code, automation replaces manual efforts. And most important, speed replaces lengthy development timelines. In fact, Forrester indicates that low-code platforms can make software development as much as 10x faster than traditional methods.

What is Low-code? Read more - an introduction to low-code app development.

You’re going to need that ease and speed to stay competitive in 2020.

Low code CRM and BPM platforms provide one, just-right, central source of information about your business at your fingertips. Using them, you can

  • Automate your process - return time back to relationship development
  • Nurture your prospects, smartly
  • Grow your business with agility

Let’s break it down:

Your CRM should serve your business – not the other way around. An agile CRM must streamline your customer data at every touch-point and actually work for your employees and customers, so nothing slips through the cracks. As your in-house citizen developers adapt your system and your whole team uses it well, you gain an appreciating asset.

Your BPM should reduce chaos and create clarity. Low code Creatio BPM tools use workflow and collaboration to provide meaningful metrics to business leaders. Your investment pays off quickly with better informed decision and management.

Put the two together, as Creatio does, and a business of any size can accelerate its transformation from just good enough to fantastically great, not just in 2020 but on into the future.

5 Powerful aspects of low-code technology that strengthen your CRM


Gartner research indicates that by 2020, 70 percent of enterprises will have citizen development policies in place. They all understand the importance of agile low code systems and are getting set up to use them.

Are you? Who in your organization can become your citizen developer in 2020? Don’t lose your competitive edge because of inefficient systems. Don’t miss opportunities due to old, static technology. Low code is putting the power in your hands.

To learn how today's low-code platforms enable transparency and boost efficiency across all major business units, download and read this e-book today: How low-code technology reinforces BPM strategy and accelerates digital transformation.

ebook How low code technology reinforces BPM strategy-Creatio


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