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Add value to your business with three portal options in Creatio

Creatio (formally bpm'online) portal - is a component of the Creatio platform, which allows for streamlining servicing processes for internal users as well as company partners and customers.  It also helps to organize processes for users that require limited access to data and functionality of the Creatio system.

Main portal capabilities

  • The ability to use the portal with limited access to the main application.
  • Configuration and development tools within Creatio platform
  • Business process management and case management
  • Setting up sections and pages on the portal with the system designer.
  • Portal users management
  • Ability to manage access rights for portal users
  • Mobile app
  • Ready-made products:  Self-Service portal, Customer Portal and Partner Portal

Three types of portal licenses

Self-service portal:

Use Case: Providing the self-service portal capabilities as part of the service processes.  A self-service portal use can find the information in the Knowledge Base or create a support request.  The license allows for working with Cases and Knowledge Base sections only.  The user can customize the basic sections.  Configuration of additional section is not available.

Ability to use the solution within Creatio requires the following licenses:

- Service Creatio, customer center edition

- Service Creatio, Enterprise edition

- Financial Services Creatio, customer journey edition

It cannot be used with Sales Creatio and Studio Creatio.



The number of free-portal users for Self-service portal doesn't exceed 10,000 users and cannot exceed the number of uses of the main product by more than 100 times.    For example, if you have 15 service enterprise users of Creatio then you get up to 15 x 100 for 1,500 free self-service  portal users.

Additional number of self-service portal users can be purchases using this 2019 pricing schedule:

Additonal pricing for self-service portal users


Creatio self-service portal

Self-service video:

Customer Portal:

Use Case: Providing the portal capabilities within all Creatio products for automating such processes as: service provision, document coordination, reconciliation of service requests.

A portal user can act as an initiator (creating orders, requests) or a process participant (approvals).  The customer portal is available within all Creatio products.

The license allows for configuring and using up to the three custom sections on a portal.


Pricing is $70/user/year

Creatio Customer portal

Customer portal video:


Partner Portal:

Use Case: Providing portal capabilities for external dealers and partners involved in all stages of the sales process from the first contact to deal closure. Ability to work on the portal with Leads, Sales, Orders and Documents.

Ability to use the solution within Creatio requires the following licenses:

- Sales Creatio, Enterprise edition

- Creatio CRM (formally CRM Bundle)

The partner portal cannot be used with Sales Creatio, team edition and Studio Creatio products.

Updated in version 7.15.1 Oct 2019:

Now available is the first version of the Portal Creatio for partner relations management (PRM). The functionality is available for users of Sales Creatio, enterprise edition. You can create partner programs and display partner metrics on the partner portal. You can also process leads and opportunities in collaboration with your partners using out-of-the-box business processes.  You can now keep track of the partner training sessions and specify the certified experts.

Updated in version 7.15.2 December 2019:  It is possible to add a new account or edit the data of an existing one.  In addition, by filling out information on competitors in sales, partners can independently supplement data on suppliers, manufacturers, and competitor products. This allows the company to receive more information about competitor products as well as about the markets with partner sales channels.


Pricing is $150/user/year

Creatio Partner portal

What sections are available for portal users:

Self-service portal:

Dashboard settings

Service Creatio -> Cases:  read/create/edit

Studio Creatio -> Knowledge Base:  read

Ability to extend the set of sections for portal users in not available


Customer portal:

Dashboard settings

Service Creatio -> Cases:  read/create/edit

Studio Creatio -> Knowledge Base:  read

Bank customer journey -> Contracts and requests for financial product: read/create/edit

Ability to extend up to 3 custom sections for portal users


Partner portal:

Dashboard settings

Service Creatio -> Cases, Knowledge Base:  read/create/edit

Sales Creatio-> Leads, Sales, Orders, Documents:  read/create/edit

Marketing Creatio -> Marketing Activities:   read/create/edit

Studio Creatio -> Knowledge Base:  read

Ability to extend up to 3 custom sections for portal users

Additional restrictions of portal licenses:

  1. "Custom section" is a new section created on the portal without the possibility of inheritance from the basic sections.
  2. The portal user has a daily limit of 1,000 API calls on licensed objects. The exact number will be calculated based on portal users actual performance data.

More about Creatio portal options....

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