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What is the Latest News for Infor CRM?

The most current version is March 2020- detail here.

Visit here if you are interested in what 8.4.0 solves and capabilities

Infor CRM 8.4x Recent Highlights March 2020


What is included in the Infor 8.x product compared to multi-tenant 18.x product:

Inform CRM 8.x Considerations versus CRM CE 3-2020

Performance improvements come with 8.3


This latest version became available April 2016 and can be obtained from your account downloads on the Infor CRM Xtreme portal. Also contact your Infor CRM partner before installing.  Review the Client Guides and Installation Guide PDFs shown in the right middle panel. 

New Features for infor CRM 8.3

- Expanded import capabilities - accounts, contacts, tickets, opportunites, etc.
- Streamlined UI - touch screen accessible
- New web admin features - create new entities
- CPQ integration with Quote integration
- Mobile 3.4 changes including offline data access
- Xbar updates
- Performance improvements
- Windows 10, Edge and Office 2016 support

On-line list of the What is new the each release....


Infor CRM 8.3 includes enhancements in usability with mobile and Web enhancements as well as enhanced viewing options and a number of functional areas including:

  • New configurable Web options including advanced entity management, enhanced new field options to include calculated fields, broader import capabilities, and configurable filters on tabs with lists.

  • Integration capabilities, including a 2-way ION integration for master enterprise resource planning (ERP) business object documents (BODs) configurable for customer-specific processes, configurable 2-way Quotes and Orders, configurable data point BOD mapping for customized fields and implementations, and a real-time pricing API for pulling accurate pricing information from an ERP application.

  • Improved opportunity to order process, including Infor CPQ, the ability to split quotes and orders, a new report to generate quote proposal, 2-way synchronization with ERP, and new automations in the quote to order process with built-in triggers for notifications.

Most useful for all users:

Large set of productivity and relationship building improvements in the Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook including:
  • Ability to Edit and update a Ticket's area, category and issue from the member panel. Xbar_-_Area-Category-Issue_of_a_Ticket.jpg XBar-Member-Ticket-Editing-ACI.jpg

  • Note: Outlook Sync and Outlook Integration features that were previously included with Desktop Integration have been moved to Xbar.

  • Scheduling Activities now has ability to easily link to information in Infor CRM and keep a richer set of communications automatically inside Infor CRM.

    • Each activity can now be quickly linked so there are no orphans or unassociated Outlook activities.  Schedule_Activity_and_link_to_Infor_CRM_easiily.jpg

    • Then when the activity is completed it can be easily done while in Outlook, thus updating Infor all at once, dynamically.
    • Clicking on any of the hyper-links in the "Details" section will show a mini view of information directly from Infor CRM.Scheduling-hyperlinked-CRM-detail-view.jpg

    • You can also link the Outlook activity to related entities such as other people, accounts, opportunities, tickets, users, etc. to build a richer history of the interactions and relationships.  This is like the multiple attendee ability found in Infor CRM 8.2Schedule_activity-related_people.jpg

  • Microsoft Outlook does not have the ability to define an activity by type like CRM.  Now each Outlook activity can be linked to CRM as a meeting, To Do, Personal event

  • Activities can be completed in Outlook directly and will make the needed change in CRM for the completed activity to be moved into history.  This saves time and improves the quality of the activity history information record.  (Microsoft Outlook does not have the concept of 'completing' an activity.  It is just assumed it was done but now you can really indicate the activity was attended)

  • Ability to control the amount of information you will see on a Member Card. 

    •  Set the number of member cards to display for emails with lots of email addresses

    • Use a Opportunity group and a Ticket Group to narrow the results shown on the member card- helpful to only show information that you care to see.Xbar-Settings-Member-View.jpg

Enhanced viewing and management of Activities and History lists

  • Notes/History, Activities and Ticket Activities tabs preview now displays up to 256 characters below the record instead of in a separate panel to the right as in previous releases. 

  • The Show/Hide Preview button allows the user to show or hide the preview data with one clickHistory_show-hide_memo.jpg

More responsive middle panel

  • The user defined detail view middle section is now responsive to the number of records available to display.  The grid displays a maximum number of rows and provides a way to scroll to view more.

New user options

  • Ability to enable the Username/Time Stamp button to add your name, the date and time to memo boxes (when turned on by the Administrator).  This is helpful to add quick information to those long memos and identify who made the update.

Social - new integration with Infor Ming.le enables single sign-on and running Infor CRM within the Ming.le framework.

Over 180 Added and updated Help Topics  

  • Now the help system can be pointed at the Infor CRM web site or at your internal system (as was done previously)

You can use the latest Microsoft Technology Releases 



Most useful to people who do Quoting and even CPQ:

  • Infor 8.3 allows various workflow from an Opportunity to the eventual order


  • Improved quote and sales order processes have been separated quotes from sales orders

    • Ability to add a quote or sales order for an opportunity, including any products

    • Ability to add and manage quotes, including converting a quote to a sales order or generating a proposal.

    • New Quote tab on the Account and Opportunity detail views

  • Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is now integrated with Sales Orders, Quotes and Opportunities in the Web client.  CPQ provides web users with an image-driven interface for building out customer requirements.



Most useful for administrators:

  • Import accounts, opportunities, leads, users, ticket, lead sources, and products (from Common Tasks)Common_Tasks-Import.jpg

  • Copy user profile information to multiple users

  • Manage office profile information, including office hours, service and support options. password options, currency, help configuration, and licenses

  • Manage your base currency and country codes

  • Add or edit an entity

  • Add or edit relationships

  • Make entities and fields importable

  • Add and edit calculated fields

  • Ability to add a new pick list when adding a pick list field

  • Add and manage ticket activity rates

  • Add and manage defect activity rates

  • If a user is denied access because there are no remaining concurrent licenses available, the User Audit Additional Info column is updated to indicate that No valid concurrent licenses were available. (helpful to see who is having such errors because there is not enough concurrent licenses.)


Most Useful for BackOffice / ERP Integration Users:

  • Back office integration is now available within the base product, including:

    • Bi-directional synchronization of quotes and sales orders

    • Inbound and outbound processors can now support custom country codes

    • More about Infor ERP integrated solutions.

    • Promotion of Infor CRM accounts, contacts, Bill-to, Ship-To, Pay-From, Quotes and Sales Orders to ERP through the ION integration is possible

  • Infor ION can do all kinds of work flow that's included in the system such as approval process for new accounts, notifications, escalations such as alerting account manager notification by email



Watch Keven Draggoo- Infor CRM Product Manager cover "Infor CRM 8.3 What's New" 





The Infor CRM Footprint has been increasing in both depth and breadth as shown in the image below.



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Locating Compatibility Matrix

1. Login to the InforXtreme portal
2. From the navigation menu, select Environment
3. Select Online Compatibility Matrix
4. Select the Product from the drop down. NOTE: The product is listed as Infor CRM
5. Select the Version from the drop down
6. The list will auto-populate with the relevant details.