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Frequently Asked Questions on TimeLinx for SalesLogix

Q. What are the feature differences between the various Editions of TimeLinx?

A. See the page -comparison of TimeLinx versions.

Q. Is TimeLinx a separate program that must be integrated with Sage SalesLogix?

A. No, TimeLinx LAN and WebProject clients operate totally within  their respective SalesLogix clients as the functionality of TimeLinx is built using the SalesLogix development tools. TimeLinx uses the same database as the core CRM system.

Q. Are there any additional hardware, software, or memory considerations that we need to plan for?

A. No.  Since TimeLinx is installed and runs completely inside of your existing or new Sage SalesLogix system, there are no additional requirements at all.  There are no additional servers or memory to purchase, and there is no additional client software to install on workstations.  If you are using any of the TimeLinx web modules such as WebSheet, WebCalendar, or Mobile, then we will create additional web sites on your current IIS installation.

Q. Are the tables that store data for TimeLinx separate from the data tables that store information for my core SalesLogix system.

A. No. TimeLinx is built entirely within the existing SalesLogix database structure, and is created using the Sage-provided Architect program. There is no synchronization or passing of any data from one system to another as the TimeLinx system is truly part of the SQL database that is SalesLogix. In fact, other than the unique prefix that we put on all of our table names, there is no difference between our data tables and either the factory ones, or custom ones that you can add yourself.  Therefore, all reporting or integrations are easily done within the one system.

Q. Can we customize TimeLinx to our specific needs?

A. Yes. From version 6.x on, TimeLinx screens and data tables can generally be customized to your specific requirements using the same development tools provided to all Sage SalesLogix customers. However, as over  16,000 hours have been put into the development of TimeLinx, we advise working with us prior to any customizations being performed. In addition, there are some areas and functions of TimeLinx that are proprietary and cannot be modified without our involvement and/or additional development tools.

Q. How will the installation of TimeLinx affect customizations we have made to our system already?

A. Almost every bit of TimeLinx is totally new functionality with new tables, screens and logic that will have absolutely no impact on your existing modifications, database, or data. There are some areas, such as our Tickets, Contracts, and Opportunity integration that will be impacted and will require some merging of our code with yours. However, these are minor code changes and can be performed quite easily by either you, your Sage Business Partner, or ourselves.

Q. How does TimeLinx user licensing work?

A. TimeLinx has Project Manager, Timekeeper, Module, and System licenses, and combinations of those. TimeLinx requires each user who will have a TimeLinx user identity to be assigned to one of the license types. In other words, if a person needs to view or modify any TimeLinx data, they will need a license. In addition, any user whose time will be tracked in TimeLinx is required to have a license, even if someone else will be entering their time for them. Any user who will have work or appointments scheduled for them, and when those appointments are related to TimeLinx Projects will require a license. Lastly, any user who will be creating SalesLogix Tickets and entering time into them that will be linked to a TimeLinx Project will require a license. An exception is that salespeople or other staff that only need to view summary project and task data from an Account level, can do so without any TimeLinx license.

License Types:

  • PM SLX – This license enables all TimeLinx functions including Projects, Time, Expenses, Tasks, and Resources, etc., for a single user using any Edition. For users that need full functionality in the SLX LAN or WebProject clients.
  • Timekeeper SLX – This license enables time and expense entry functions in the SLX LAN and WebProject clients of all Editions for a user. For users that need only time and expense entry and Task Management. Access to the full Project Detail and all related tabs is not permitted.
  • Timekeeper WebSheet – This license allows entry of time and expenses via the web-based TimeLinx WebSheet for a single user.  TimeLinx functionality in the SLX clients is not supported. Requires the installation of the WebSheet application on your webserver.
  • PM SLX + WebSheet – Edition-based Project Manager SLX Named User enables all TimeLinx functions including Projects, Time, Expenses, Tasks, and Resources for a single user, plus Time and Expense entry via the TimeLinx WebSheet (webserver software required). For users that use the SLX clients plus need regular or occasional WebSheet time or expense entry.
  • Timekeeper SLX + WebSheet – Named SLX User license enables Time, Expense, and Task Management functions in Sage Project Management for SalesLogix by TimeLinx , Corporate, Premier, and Enterprise Editions of the SLX clients plus use of the TimeLinx WebSheet. This is for users that need the flexibility to use the SLX LAN and Web clients, and also TimeLinx WebSheet for time and expense entry, perhaps while on the road.
  • TimeLinx Mobile - The TimeLinx Mobile client is an extension of the SalesLogix Mobile client and therefore requires the installation and licensing of SalesLogix Mobile, plus a TimeLinx Mobile user license.
  • Free Functionality - Salespeople often desire to see what is going on in Projects they have sold. TimeLinx provides visibility to Task summary detail on an Account tab called Project Tasks. This does not require any TimeLinx license.

TimeLinx and the TimeLinx WebSheet also require Server Licenses which run the core functions on your Sage SalesLogix server. Multiple databases are supported in so that development, test, and production databases can all co-exist on a single license. Any database existing on a different server will require its own Server License, and separate User Licenses.

Q. What is the difference between the TimeLinx PM license and the Timekeeper license?

A. The Timekeeper license doesn’t allow a SalesLogix/TimeLinx user to access the Project Detail or any of the related tabs, or the Service Query or any other TimeLinx functions.  The Timekeeper user can only enter time and expenses, and manage Tasks, from the TimeLinx toolbar. They can also add time through SLX Tickets linked to TLX Projects, and view Task information by Project on the Account.Project Tasks tab.

Q. What SalesLogix Licenses are needed for my users to operate TimeLinx?

A. TimeLinx allow users on both SalesLogix Named and Concurrent licenses. The TimeLinx license is always a "Named" license, but that user can be assigned to a SalesLogix Concurrent license.

Q. Does TimeLinx support the "remote synchronization" technology of Sage SalesLogix?

A. Absolutely. In fact, TimeLinx was designed around that system expressly for the purpose of providing project managers and timekeepers in the field with access to their project data without the need to be connected to the internet. TimeLinx can be fully operated on a remote, disconnected laptop with full TimeLinx functionality. All entered data is bi-directionally synchronized with the host database as soon as an internet connection is detected and the user permits synchronization.

Q. What are the web modules all about?

A. There are three web-based tools from TimeLinx:

  1. The TimeLinx WebProject for the web and Amazon Cloud is a full Project Management browser-based client that is an extension of the SalesLogix web client. It is the essentially the same product as our LAN product yet built on the SalesLogix web platform for either on-premise or Cloud deployments.
  2. The TimeLinx WebSheet module resides on your server and reads and writes data to the SalesLogix database in real time, either LAN, web on-premise, or Amazon Cloud. It provides the ability for users to enter time and expenses over the web from anywhere in the world, without any need to learn the SalesLogix client. Both Named and Concurrent SalesLogix user license types are supported.
  3. The TimeLinx WebCalendar module resides on your server and reads and writes Calendar/Activity data to the database in real time. It is an optimized view of the SalesLogix calendar adding capabilities to view availability and schedule users to project work using a graphical interface. Availability and scheduling be performed selected by skill set, location, Teams, and Departments.  Users and project managers can view work they are scheduled for, and schedule for others with appropriate permissions. The WebCalendar is both a standalone product as well as part of the TimeLinx LAN and WebProject clients.

All TimeLinx modules access Sage SalesLogix data in real-time through ADO and OLE-DB connectors and therefore do not require any synchronization.

Q. We're interested in integrating TimeLinx with our accounting system. How does licensing work?

A. The TimeLinx Accounting Platform ("TAP") is a two-piece system consisting of a core TAP module, plus an individual connector for each specific accounting system. The TAP module is licensed on a system-wide basis based on the total number of licensed TimeLinx users of all types your system.


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