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Infor CRM Advanced Business Analytics

Powered by Tibco Spotfire

Tibco Spotfire

Spotfire Analytics responds faster than BI and more flexibly than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in enterprise - whether in business, technical or scientific roles - to easily analyze complex data, customize their discovery experience, and share their story through mashups, portals or interactive dashboards. Spotfire Analytics delivers a unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience that is both powerful and intuitive.

Infor CRM with Advanced Analytics

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Spotfire Analytics gives end users more control, which speeds "time to answers" while reducing typical bottlenecks, such as building new business intelligence reports or re-configuring databases. And unlike traditional business intelligence systems, Spotfire Analytics is completely adaptable to business processes across the organization, giving IT an extensible analytics platform, and allowing them to reduce the number of custom and packaged applications they must support.

Clarity of Visualization
Spotfire Analytics' visual and exploratory experience brings clarity to decision making. Ask rapid-fire questions, spot trends and outliers, filter, and slice and dice data at the speed of thought. Spotfire Analytics' patented visual interactivity allows anyone to dive into data and quickly emerge with answer, even to unanticipated questions.

Freedom of Spreadsheets
Spotfire Analytics gives users the ultimate freedom to control data, without having to suffer over static, slow or incomplete reports or be frustrated with data extraction, manipulation, merging and macros. A single "free dimensional" Spotfire analysis replaces hundreds of pre-canned reports and spreadsheets, giving you the ultimate freedom to add new data and ask new questions on the fly, with absolutely no scripting required.

Relevance of Applications
Spotfire Analytics adapts to any data, application and business process. A configured Spotfire application delivers the kind of tailored functionality usually only found in custom or commercial applications, at a fraction of the cost and with dramatically improved ease-of-use. Applications with process-specific links to data, visualizations, computa
tions and work flow can be configured in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

Confidence of Statistics
Accelerate research, improve product quality, segment customers, optimize supply chains, identify fraud and leakage... these and other business mandates of course benefit from interactive applications, but they also critically rely on appropriate and accurate calculations and algorithms. Spotfire puts powerful models and predictive analytics from your brightest minds "under the hood," smoothly blending them into the interactive user experience. Increase the confidence of every decision maker without subjecting them to the complexities of statistics.

Reach of Reports
With Spotfire Analytics, users can publish any Spotfire application to the Web in a single click. From simple dashboards to highly process specific, model driven, analytic applications, users anywhere in the business can simply open a web browser link and begin making better decisions with Spotfire