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Success with Sage CRM

Communicate, Collaborate and Compete

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is far more than just a software application.  It is a business solution that gives you the ability to connect with and understand real people covering every interaction with valuable customers across your entire business.

.  Sage CRM provides management with timely and reliable insight to guide important business decisions.

Sage CRM offers customers a rapid route to value through its focus on ease-of-use, ease-of-deployment, ease-of-integration and ease-of-access anytime, anywhere.


Benefits of Sage CRM for Your Business:

  • Ensures your sales, marketing and customer service resources are being used to maximum effect

  • Reduces your cost-of-sales

  • Reduced the cost of your marketing leads

  • Ensures you meet customer service level agreements

  • Minimizes administration costs

  • Protects and grows your revenues

  • Ensures that your investments are aligned to revenue development

  • Enables you to pinpoint underlying issues and take corrective action accordingly

  • Reduces the potential for customer attrition

  • Enables your staff to provide exceptional service to your customers

  • Reduces your opportunity cost

  • Boosts productivity and enables staff to accomplish more in their working day

  • Maximizes customer communications and interactions through integrated social media channels


Ease-of-Use - Improves Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Transfer

Sage CRM is an easy-to-use, feature-rich Customer Relationship Management solution which is quick to deploy with out-of-the-box but configurable business process automation. Discover why our customers choose Sage CRM and how simple it is to use for their entire workforce.


Sage CRM for Sales Professionals video:

This video looks at Sage CRM as an easy to use solution for a sales team. It highlights how Sage CRM can make a real difference to a customers business by making the sales team's daily life easier. This is achieved by making it easy to get up and running quickly and providing a solution that is simple and straightforward to use.


Watch our quick, two minute video and see for yourself how easy it is to use Sage CRM in your business....


Features At-A-Glance

For All users

  • Easy to use interface with a fresh look and feel
  • Fully customizable interface dashboard
  • End-user personalization of interface design and content
  • In-built user tutorials, user guide, quick tips and product videos
  • Relationship management graphs
  • Impactful visual charts and highly graphical reports
  • Real-time synchronization between Sage CRM and MS Exchange for seamless calendar management
  • Dynamic linking of multiple information sources on a single dashboard screen
  • Centralized meeting management
  • Full calendar response management
  • Fully customizable graphical workflow
  • Access Sage CRM across all modern internet browsers with cross-browser compatability


Integration Capabilities

  • Sage ERP integration
  • MS Exchange integration
  • MS Outlook integration
  • Social media integration
  • Web self-service


Cloud or On-Premise

Sage-CRM-Cloud-or-On-PremiseThe flexibility you get with Sage CRM extends to your deployment options.  It may be right for you to implement Sage CRM at your business premises, or it may suit you better to run it in the cloud. Whatever route you choose, you won't be locked in as your migrate between cloud-based Sage CRM and on-premise Sage CRM.


And whichever option you choose you'll benefit from:

  • The complete suite of Sage CRM modules - sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Quick, cost-effective deployment and integration.
  • Simple, straightforward, codeless customizations that you can do yourself.
  • The ability to use Sage CRM with whatever mobile devices suit your business.


Sage CRM (Professional) Cloud is the ideal choice for you if:

  • You want to get up and running immediately
  • You need some, but not full, customization capabilities
  • You have limited or no in-house IT skills or expertise
  • You don't want servers to manage, databases to administrator, and nightly backups to perform

Sage CRM Professional Includes:

  • Sales pipeline Management
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Mobile
  • Outlook Integrations (Lite)
  • Case Management
  • Solutions / Knowledgebase Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Outbound Call Handling
  • Manage Relationship Types
  • Mass E-Mail
  • User Management
  • Territory / Security Management
  • Workflow
  • Preconfigured Escalations
  • Professional User Management


Sage CRM on-premise is the ideal choice for you if:

  • You want advanced customizations and integration capabilities
  • You want a low total cost of ownership
  • You have the in-house IT resources to manage your CRM solution
  • You want to keep control of your data on your own site

 In addition to the features in Sage CRM Professional, Sage CRM (On-Premise) includes:

  • Exchange Server Integration
  • Self Service
  • Advanced Email Management
  • Keyword Searches
  • Component Manager
  • Advanced Customization


Try Before You Buy

 Experience how Sage CRM can make a positive impact on your sales processes.

Upload your own data to get a real sense of what Sage CRM could help you achieve.


Planning for CRM Success