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Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Entrepreneur Board Membership

The Alternative Board brings together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities with a combination of peer advice and business coaching. Board members meet monthly to learn from one another's successes and mistakes to grow their businesses.

Instant Business Assessment

TAB membership benefits to you and your company

  • Time-saving resource sharing because your board has over 200 years of business experience
  • Sounding board for ideas and a focus group for those selling to business owners
  • Opportunity to develop business and leadership skills
  • Practical solutions you can use immediately and a source for best practices
  • Opportunity to develop a long-term perspective and strategic plan
  • Answers to your questions, and questions to your answers

Online Business Advice

TAB members can access business tips, articles and advice online. The TAB member site features include a searchable business library of archived Tips from the Top® newsletter articles and tips. Plus, share your experience and expertise directly with your peers around the world with online message boards and community tools.

Yellow Pages for Networking

The TAB member yellow pages allow you to network with fellow TAB Board members worldwide. This robust directory also allows you to promote your products and services to peer TAB Board members.

Member Networking Conferences

TAB membership provides you with the opportunity to gain new ideas, build relationships and begin genuine long-term friendships with fellow TAB members through regional member events and International Member Conferences.

Member Loyalty Program

Save money with the TAB Boards Rewards® program. Take advantage of vendor discounts for you and your employees.

Local Member-Only Web Access

Your local TAB-Certified Facilitator may have a local web site where you can access member-only invites, industry articles and other documents and ideas, which can be key to your business’ success.

Strategic Business Leadership® (SBL)

You will look forward to your monthly private coaching sessions with this easy-to-use business process that moves business owners from a leadership style based on the "idea of the week" to one based on strategic thinking. Following clearly outlined steps, you will define your visions, goals, strategies and action plans to achieve the success you desire. SBL was designed specifically for time-challenged owners of small and medium-sized businesses, so you will find it practical—unlike traditional, more cumbersome planning processes used by large companies.

TAB Business Vantage®

We've developed an in-depth online analysis to give you a 360-degree look at your company. With more than 300 questions analyzing all areas of your business, the resulting report guides business owners to identify and prioritize the activities and actions necessary to take your company to the next level.

TAB Hotline

One of the added benefits of being a member of an international organization like The Alternative Board® is that you have access tomore than 5,000 member businesses worldwide. The TAB Hotline gives you an opportunity to expand your peer-to-peer relationships and advice beyond your local TAB Board and into the international business community. The Hotline is an email-based system for trading knowledge and advice across the entire TAB community.

Tips from the Top®

Tips from the Top® is a monthly newsletter for those at the top of privately owned businesses. It taps the secrets and real-world strategies profitable business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, presidents and partners have used to achieve their success. Your time is valuable, so Tips from the Top® is always short and concise. The information in Tips from the Top® can help you improve your business and bottom-line results.

Experience The Alternative Board®

Are you ready to take the next step? Plan to join us for a TAB informational meeting where you can speak with your local TAB-Certified Facilitator about how TAB can help you and your company. [Call Dick: 574-206-5612 or email.

Questions? - See our Frequently Asked Questions PDF