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Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Proximity Search Tool

Refer to the new, replacement: Infor CRM Contour, here

Geographic Search Tool

Proximity Search v2.0 is an add-on for Infor CRM (formally Saleslogix) v8.0 - v8.2 that allows users to find contacts and accounts within a specific distance of any geographic location in the United States - be it the user's home, office, any top US city, or any zip code.  Searches are very fast - most executing in less than a second - because data is geo-coded ahead of time.

Infor CRM contact or account group can be generated from the search (for example, any contact within 25 miles of Atlanta) against which the user can run a mail merge, report, or any other Infor CRM function that accepts groups for filtering.


Since the resulting group is dynamic, and future data entered into the system that fits the criteria will show up in the group.  Furthermore, the results from the search can be plotted on a Bing TM map for visual analysis or routing. 

Flexible Searching

Proximity searches can be executed against contacts or accounts with the following condition:

  • Distance: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 miles from a starting location

  • Starting Location: user’s office, user’s home, or any US zip code

  • Contact/account type: dynamic choices based on the options configured in the SLX database

  • Top n: user can return all matches or the Top 10, Top 25, Top 50, Top 100, Top 250, or Top 500 matches


Mobile 2.0
Proximity Search v2.0 now works with Infor CRM Mobile making it even easier for your sales team to find their Accounts via a Point of Interest when out in the field.

(based on closest to farthest from the starting point) Proximity search is simple -just open the dialog and select the criteria from the drop-down boxes, run the search...

 Find accounts nearby a specific account address.png


... and finally create a dynamic group or Bing (TM) map based on the results (Bing TM map shown).


Account Search Map display2.png


Driving Directions

Proximity Search v2 adds a new feature that allows for driving directions to be generated based on the search. Records can be included/excluded from the route, and the order in which each record is to be visited can be moved up/down the list. This allows users not only to  generate a visual map of their search, but also allows them to create driving directions on the fly without using other 3rd party products— useful for field sales and/or field service representatives.


Account Search Map get directions.png


Add Value To Your Infor CRM System

Proximity Search adds value to your Infor CRM (Saleslogix) system by allowing your organization to use geographic information to assist in business decisions that were not possible before. The uses for Proximity Search are unlimited. Example scenarios include:

A field rep is planning his day and wishes to generate a route of clients that optimizes his territory coverage:

  • A national sales rep wants to generate a list of nearby prospects to visit on a business trip to Philadelphia

  • The Marketing group wants to send promotional material for an upcoming product launch to customers in the Phoenix, Denver, and Seattle markets

  • A field sales rep has extra time during the day and wishes to visit one or two contacts nearest his current location

  • A customer service rep wishes to dispatch a vendor closest to the customer

Map Existing Data

The included mapping feature can also be used on any contact or account group. With Proximity Search, you can now map any of your existing Infor CRM data without the cumbersome export/import steps necessary to map data in other third party products such as Microsoft Map Point. 

Powerful Customization

Proximity Search is built using the Infor CRM Application Architect and can be fully customized to meet extended business requirements. There are no licensing restrictions on the modifications that can be made.

Data Updates

Proximity Search v2 automatically keeps the contacts and accounts in the system geocoded, so when new records are added or changes to existing records are made, the data is kept accurate. There is no need to upload any changes to zip code lookup tables as with previous versions — everything is kept up to date without administrative intervention.

Refer to the new replacement: Infor CRM Contour, here

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