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Infor CRM (Saleslogix) application images

Web client

Sales reps 'selling' dashboard:

View what is in your current sales funnel, the most recent leads that have been created, a listing of recently won sales and your top opportunities, and where you have been spending your time (activity).



Company Account Details:

Detail view of specific account from list the list of "Customers" group.  Showing recent history and notes with tabs for other related information about the account: Contacts, scheduled Activities, digital Attachments, customer service issue Tickets, sale opportunities, etc.



View your scheduled appointments and up to 4 other users.  Hover over an appointment to see the details without having to open up the activity. Select various views:  day, work week, week, or month.


Account listing

Each account group lists specific columns of information which can be sorted by clicking on the columnn heading.  To further refinement of specific information "Filters" can be selected to drill into specific account managers, cities, states, types and so forth.



Infor Mobile - smart phone and tablet

Mobile Tablet


Mobile Calendar