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Why We Recommend Infor (Saleslogix) CRM and ACT! contact management for Our Client's Business Development Success


Core Business Philosophy Drivers

When a prospective client begins a search of what is possible to solve the business drivers of  getting, growing and keeping profitable customers, they will find us and we begin to engage in a dialog.

At some point they will ask "How come you only provide SalesLogix and ACT!?"

Good question.

Like any successful entrepreneur and small business, we have specific target markets and specific qualities that apply for us to collaborate best with in producing results with CRM.


The short answer is: "It's what most businesses need who fit our ideal client strategy."

Additionally we realize from our varied 29+ year experiences with companies in the 1 to 100 million dollar revenue range, the important business drivers around business development. The business world is changing faster and the business development system must provide effective processes and actionable intelligence. 

The chosen CRM system must be adaptable to survive and thrive in our client's business conditions.


SalesLogix CRM Whys....

Choice A or B SLX ACTWe did your homework and realize Sage SalesLogix handles 95% of all typical sales and marketing automation needs, is adaptable for transforming business, runs like a well-tuned Lincoln MKZ, costs like a mid-sized Ford, and works equally well for any most any type and any sized company.

Its price point makes it accessible for even small firms, you can effectively add seats into the thousands, and its flexibility makes it workable for even the most unique selling and business development situations.  Sage SalesLogix has a capable, established partner channel, a well-run parent company (Sage) and a design flexible enough to deal with any sales, service or marketing need we've ever heard about.


Every other CRM tool we've investigated either costs more, does less or has major flaws you'll never hear a bout until after you've laid down your money.  More specifically:

  • Saleslogix works on smart phones and tablets.
  • Saleslogix works on your laptop PC.
  • Saleslogix works on your office PC.
  • Saleslogix works on your network server.
  • Saleslogix works with Microsoft Excel.
  • Saleslogix works with Microsoft Outlook
  • Saleslogix works with Accounting Systems
  • Saleslogix works in the Cloud and can be hosted completely offsite.
  • Saleslogix works for the sales team.
  • Saleslogix works for the marketing team.
  • Saleslogix works for the customer service reps
  • Saleslogix works for the business development team.
  • Saleslogix works for the operations team.
  • Saleslogix works for the management team running the business
  • Saleslogix works for the owner(s)
  • Saleslogix works with or without an ERP and gives businesses a lot of flexibility and choice.

If you sell, service or market for a living - Saleslogix just works....


Selecting the Right Business Partner 

That said, who helps you design, implement and support it will make a HUGE difference in your Success with CRM.  For some 18 Requirements of obtaining successful results with CRM read on....

Getting your feet wet

You can work with us for a day or two using the free SalesLogix cloud demo and get 80% of what you need in a CRM tool done for little more than the price of the software licenses.

Get started with the movement for Success with SalesLogix....


ACT! - Customer and Contact Management

Kick start small business growth with ACT!

The Michiana area (North central Indiana and SouthWest Michigan) is known for the large concentration of entrepreneurial minded businesses.  This was extremely evident during 2008 when many local businesses in the Elkhart Indiana area linked to the RV - recreational vehicles, when out of business. Several large enterprises with many entrepreneurial minded business people have now restarted as new smaller, more focused businesses.  Likewise there is a growth of similar and supporting businesses.

This is one place where the ACT! solution is a good fit. We find that it fits solo-entrepreneurs, businesses with a few employees OR even large manufacturing companies looking for better options than Microsoft Excel and Outlook.

Top 10 Reasons Clients find ACT! the best solution:

  1. It is down right affordable
  2. It has a long history in the sales professional networks as the go to, practical solution.  Lots of tips and resources to support your success.
  3. It is intuitive enough to get going fast and managing your business day
  4. It easily modifiable. With a few clicks a new field can be added and placed on the contact, company or opportunity forms.
  5. There is a top quality and useful connection with Quick Books accounting.  QBSalesData allows integration between the two.  Now the sales force can view sales history without getting into QuickBooks.
  6. It is easily integrated with emarketing so that email responses and customer survey results keep the sales department up to day on the hottest self-qualified prospects.
  7. The Windows user interface is so close to the Web version that its much easier to move the business into a cloud and web environment.
  8. There are mobile options available to use smart phones and devices
  9. Configurable dashboards show how the business is doing so management and the business owners can make better decisions, faster.
  10. There is a large set of add-on, enhanced functionality apps.  Kind of like the iphone apps world.....

Get started with the movement for Success with ACT.....


CRM Technology

Our Recommended Solutions that we help to implement and support: