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Enhanced Experiences and Productivity What's New in Saleslogix 8.1



Most Recent update 05 to Infor CRM on January 2015: includes new update and User Interface from Infor CRM


Read more: 2014 Update 03 article 

Compatibility Checklist 8.1

Multiple Attendees for Activities

  • Ability to add multiple people (contacts, leads or users) for an activity

  • History is saved for each Attendee so each persons record indicates their attendance.

  • Ability to Manage one list of people whether they are leads, contacts, or users.

  • Identify each participants role for the activity

  • Easily find any contact in your system with Speed-Search based lookup

  • Participants can be from different organization accounts

Multiple attendees


Desktop Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook

The Saleslogix Desktop Integration Module is a collection of features to enhance your Saleslogix web experience and the synch is native to Saleslogix.

  • Office Integration:
    • Drag and drop attachments from Desktop into Saleslogix
    • Drag and drop e-mail from Outlook into Saleslogix
    • Drag and drop Library documents - used by Admin to update the Library with sales, product, marketing, instructional digital assets.
    • Mail Merge - send out group e-mails, letters, etc. from optional templates
  • Outlook Integration:
    • Outlook E-Mail integration
    • Calendar Integration
    • Contact Integration


Using Outlook Integration:

If your company uses Outlook Integration, you can save Outlook e-mail messages as Saleslogix history items.  For example, you can:

  • Manage Contacts, Tasks and Activities in either Saleslogix or Outlook
  • Compose an e-mail message in Outlook, select contacts from the Saleslogix Outlook-send-to-Saleslogixaddress book, and then click "Send SLX" to record the e-mail body and any attachments to the associated Saleslogix contact. You can also include attachments to the message such as quote or product PDF.


  • Send a Saleslogix contact's integration in a vCard file format via e-mail.


  • Drag and drop e-mail messages from Outlook to the Saleslogix history tab


  • Select any email message in your Inbox and then click "Record to History" toOutlook-Saleslogix-options record the e-mail body and any attachments to the associated contact in Saleslogix (based on match email address).


  • Click the E-mail button on the Contact or Lead Detail view in Saleslogix to open a new e-mail message addressed to that lead or contact.Saleslogix-contact-email
  • Click the "Copy to E-mail" link on the Opportunity Snapshot to copy opportunity information into a new e-mail message, and then click "Send to SLX" in Microsoft Outlook to send the message and save it to Saleslogix.


  • Click the E-mail button on the Saleslogix Ticket detail view to copy ticket information into a new e-mail message, and then click "Send SLX" in Microsoft Outlook to send the message and save it to Saleslogix.



The Outlook Desktop Integration is user configurable for What, When and Direction.  It does provide 64-bit Office support and replaces the former Intellisync third-party component.


Some browsers support features, but require Desktop Integration and other features are only supported on certain browsers.  See the following table for details:



New Crystal Reports Experience, Updated Engine

With Saleslogix 8.1 now reports can still run on-demand like before but they can now be based on a schedule.  This is especially helpful for long running reports or those that need to be run regularly.

Additionally your past reports are kept in history so you now have the capability to review a past report as a snapshot in history.

With this new design and use of the updated Crystal 2001 v13 engine all the reports are viewed as a PDF document and the reports can be exported to PDF, Excel plus others.

The Saleslogix administrator can view, schedule and cancel reports as needed.


Saleslogix Advanced Analytics 2.0

New "Day in the Life" dashboard and reports will be delivered with Saleslogix 8.1 which includes an updated Business Intelligence engine and new visualizations that are compatable with modern browsers and operating systems.


Product Roadmap for early 2014

Adaptive Client for Outlook

Ever wish you could view a snapshot of information about a specific contact as you viewed a email from the contact?   In the product roadmap for Saleslogix 8.1 follow up is the adaptive client for Outlook.

It provides real-time access to Saleslogix data while working in Outlook - it is embeded in the Outlook experience.



Gmail Integration

This is helpful for users who work mainly in Saleslogix and Gmail to need to manage calendars, contacts and/or tasks.  User are able to save relevant email conversations in Saleslogix from Gmail. The integration is simple to maintain using Oauth-based authentication and is cloud friendly.

Gmail Integration resized 600


Better Ad-hoc Reporting:  Introducing Interactive Reports

Reports can include visualization, KPIs, KPI trends and detailed or summarized data.  Reports have the option to access data in real or near real time.  Better decisions can be realized a data bubbles up as KPIs and trends.

Opportunity list with KPI summariesOpportunity-pipeline-analysis

Be Social - LinkedIn & Twitter Integrations

  • Eliminate cold calling and start off with a 'warmer' introduction.
  • Track social activity in LinkedIn or Twitter by search terms or #tagsSaleslogix-social-que
  • Take action on what you find
  • Easily see what your contact and accounts are doing socially
  • No more cold calls
  • Engage with your data and see social activity unfold over time with social timeline view 


Improvements for Managing your CRM system

Managing Long Running Processes

There is an Administrator console for managing long running processes or Jobs:

  • Manage and schedule jobs
  • Manage running jobs, view progress, cancel job
  • Improvements to SData job API such as support for cron style schedulin
  • Jobs managed by Job Manager Service
  • Highly scalable


Job Manager


Manage your Integrations:

  • Provides greater ease, flexibility, visibility and management of integrations within Saleslogix.
  • Centralized location to manage all interactions.
  • Simple, understandable interface to set-up and manage integrations.
  • Out-of-the-box Integrations will be pre-populated with the appropriate settings.
  • Enable troubleshooting and Increase visibility into Sync Activity