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Sales Acceleration with CRM

WHY- because selling is more challenging and complex than ever. Your prospects and customers are more informed.  Today's B2B buyers are more informed and more independent than ever.  Before they talk to any seller, they research, access product reviews, find pricing, and ask peers for recommendations. 57 percent of the buying journey is completed before a buyer reaches out to a vendor - per Savo Group of sales enablement products.

57 percent of B2B buyer journey is done before calling you.png

So, what are you going to do to make the last 43% count?

Plus only 22% of a sales person's average day is spent selling.


22 pct of sales rep day is spent selling.png



And, CRM system are proving their worth and showing a postive ROI.

CRM systems increase revenue 41pct.png

Nucleus Research study from June 2014 found that CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent.  This ROI increases each time the study is run.

CRM payback of 8.71 per dollar spent.png


Make every seller your best seller

Sales acceleration is about making the most out of every point of contact and conversation.  It's about knowing the right information about the contact to carry on a valuable conversation for both parties.  This information would and should be found in your well-used CRM system.  Sales acceleration with CRM means unleashing the capabilities of CRM for your sales, marketing and operations to smartly grow revenue for the business.

Selling is deeply personal. Companies will leverage our "Success with CRM experience" to design a personalized experience for their team as they lean, sell and grow. - getting the best results from their CRM. A well-used CRM system helps small to medium sales teams grow their revenue by creating a human-friendly experience for sales reps and the people they are selling to. We can help create a truly unique experience - designed for your sellers.  Sales acceleration becomes the expressway to sales excellence.

 An experience, trusted resource to Turn to

Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. is here to help you in selecting the right CRM and sales acceleration tools tailored to your business.  We stay involved in the successful implementation and provide continuing, education and ongoing support. The right CRM allows your company to start big or start small. And you can scale up from there, supporting inside or outside sellers, with the mission-critical tools in effective CRM..

Be your best in every customer meeting.  Bring the power of your organizations' knowledge living in CRM into every meeting.

Tools for Sales Acceleration with CRM

  • Use targeted templates for email correspondence
  • Use personalized and fill in blank templates for more personal emal correspondence
  • Email Tracking
  • Outbound Call Tracking
  • Travel directions,  Geocoding of key prospect and customer accounts
  • Mobile voice to text memos
  • Lead capture forms that route leads to your CRM system and sales rep for follow up qualification
  • Measure engagement form sent links for PDF and video assets.  
  • Identify key contact and company contacts that have not been contacted in XX days


90% of sales reps achieve quota when reinforced by technology and coaching


Smarter Content

  • Content management built specifically for your sales force
  • Know what works so you can Own your ROI
  • Maximize the value of your seller and your marketing materials
  • Meet sellers where they are already work- phone, tablet.
  • Accelerate the buying process through more insightful, more connected conversations.
  • Share and track straight from your mobile devices or laptops

Smarter Execution

  • Designed from the point of contact and moment of truth
  • Learn who's viewing and engaging with your content.
  • Get new sellers up to speed faster than the typical 6 - 10 months to on board a new seller.
  • Maximize the value of tenured sellers, motivated by supplying a few of new insights, information, and situational support needed to stay on top of their game.  Get more value from your existing sellers.
  • Move the needle with tribal knowledge.
  • Make data-driven sales decisions.

Smarter Engagement

  • Deliver differentiated experiences
  • Enhance conversations
  • Inspire your prospects and customers by delivering messages that rise about the noise and get acted upon.

Learn how to get started right and then keeping it right with a CRM best for your business.

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