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Why Mobile CRM?

As business changes, it's adapt or get left behind. Having the right mobile strategy and tools are a business success requirement.

Companies can reap substantial percentage improvements in their business metrics from mobilizing sales force automation technology and services.

How important is it to your business to:

    • Increase field selling time 26%

    • Eliminate redundant activities 27%

    • Increase win rates 26%

    • Reduce sales call costs 25%

    • Increase forecast accuracy 25%

    • Decrease administrative time 24%

    • Decrease sales cycle 23%

Per the "Anywhere Enterprise-Large: U.S. Mobility and Business Applications Survey" from The Yankee Group.

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Effective Mobile CRM Solutions:

Creatio Mobile for Smart Phones and Tablets....


Creatio Mobile - workplaces

Boost Productivity with Mobile CRM Access

  • Be able to respond more quickly to an ever increasing and dynamic selling environment.

  • Be on top of your game with accurate information.

  • Improve your productivity and look smarter. Imagine having direct access to live, dynamic information from your CRM system such as:  

    • Your contact's phone numbers, email addresses, and related relationship information.

    • Your schedule of phone calls to be made today- and while you have some free time. 

    • The historical notes of the prior conversations.  When you or others in your office had a discussion about a product request, a new service offering, or status of a quote.

    • The details of a  long drawn out sales opportunity and the prior steps you have taken with the prospect.  What a benefit to have those details quickly in hand.

    • A view of the open and recently closed service tickets. Wouldn't it be nice to know that a sticky service issue has just been resolved before you went into the customer meeting!