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Infor CRM Tutorials

Professional Edition (aka Saleslogix)

Infor CRM Professional aka Saleslogix

The following tutorials will help guide you and increase your understanding in using Infor CRM Professional edition (formally Saleslogix Professional).  These videos use version 8.1 from the cloud- hosted environment. 


Tutorial:  Understanding the Workplace:

The Saleslogix workspace includes dashboards, a navigation bar and multiple views to help you find and view the information you need. The menu bar and tabs also provide quick access to recently viewed records and commonly performed tasks. Explore and understand the Saleslogix workspace to maximize your productivity. 

Tutorial: User Options:

Saleslogix allows you to configure a number of settings to personalize the experience. You can determine what you will see upon log in, how your groups or calendar look. You can also set defaults for activities and set alerts as well. Decide how to make Saleslogix work best for you.


Tutorial: Accounts and Contacts

Contacts and accounts are the fundamental building blocks of any CRM system. In Saleslogix, a contact must belong to an account. There are several ways to create a new contact or account.

Tutorial: Calendar and Activities

The calendar in Saleslogix can help keep you on schedule and even let you view the activities of other members of your team. The activity list is like a task list showing you all activities scheduled. You can view details or mark it as complete when it’s been accomplished.



Tutorial:  Leads

Leads are potential customers and there are several ways to enter or import leads into Saleslogix. Leads can be qualified when they represent a genuine sales opportunity and then converted into a contact when ready.


Tutorial: Opportunities:

Opportunities provide an easy way to track and organize potential sales. Products, contacts and even competitors can be tracked in Saleslogix. Opportunities can also provide valuable insight for forecasting, reports and dashboards of potential sales. 


Tutorial: Competitor Information

Knowing the strengths and weakness of your competitors is critical to your success. Saleslogix uses Opportunities to track data before, during and after a sale, including competitor information. Keep your team informed and give them a competitive edge by tracking your competition.



Tutorial: Dashboards

Dashboards provide an interactive way to view your information from the welcome page. The dashboard can include charts, lists and graphs. You can even create your own custom dashboard for a quick glimpse into your most important information.


Tutorial: Reports

Reports enable you to view information about contacts, accounts, campaigns, opportunities, tickets and other data. There are a number of reports available with powerful filtering options to narrow the results down for what matters most to you. Saleslogix also allows you to save, print or exports reports in a variety of formats.



Tutorial: Mail Merge

Saleslogix lets you send personalized correspondence to a group of contacts or leads. This is a great productivity tool for things like newsletters or new product announcements. Mail Merge works from templates you can adjust and customize to fit your needs and Saleslogix helps you target the recipients with precision.



Administrative Function Videos:

Tutorial: User Administration

Getting users up and running in Saleslogix is a top priority. Every person who wants to use Saleslogix must have a user profile. Start the process by creating new users



Tutorial: Security

As an administrator, managing security is always a top priority. Within Saleslogix you can set user security which restricts or allows access to features functions and fields. 


Tutorial: Teams and Departments

Use Saleslogix to help you organize your personnel into teams and departments. Teams are an easy way to implement a custom level of account ownership In Saleslogix. Departments organize users who work in similar organizational capacities into a visual organizational chart.



Tutorial: Pick List Maintenance

A pick list is a set of values that you can select from when entering data in a Saleslogix field. Almost any pick list you see in Saleslogix can be changed. There are multiple default pick lists in the product or you can create your own and set different rules for how end users interact with the items.


Tutorial: Lead Source

Lead source data is an important metric to track to provide insight into how your customers hear about you. This lets you analyze your lead sources to identify the most profitable and focus your efforts accordingly. Saleslogix lets you track lead source data for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. 



Saleslogix 8.1 Highlights Webcast

Saleslogix v8.1 drives more insightful customer interactions with the next generation of our flexible CRM platform. This recorded webcast presented the exceptional mobile experience, new social media integrations, broader IT compatibility, and enhanced reporting and analytics available with Saleslogix v8.1. Watch the on-demand event to learn how Saleslogix v8.1 can help your organization cultivate profitable relationships by increasing sales and marketing performance by maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.





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