Build Success with Infor CRM Education

Improving user adoption and success in a CRM project involves providing various educational resource CRM-system-outline-whiteboardoptions.

Our clients tell us that our implementations which include a pilot team phase helps to clarify the why of CRM and the defined operational processes needed for all the end users for a successful roll-out.

A wide-variety of Educational options

Depending on your organization and the learning styles of your CRM users we can craft an educational program that is a combination of on-site face-to-face with hands on access, go to webinars, anytime learning using customized videos specific to your business, and anytime learning through Saleslogix Training resources (listed below).

Download PDF of Infor Education - Campus Plus Infor CRM

More Education Resources:

 Give us a call 269-445-3001, if you need something not found on this page.   

Upgrade Your CRM Skills


Digital Educational Resources for Infor CRM Web

The anytime learning options allows your staff to access quick "How-to" videos 24 x 7 x 365 using a web browser. Additionally digital and printed "how to" documentation is available and readily accessible under the Library menu in the Infor CRM web client.

Infor CRM Video demonstrations

Infor CRM is the platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements.

Learn how Infor CRM can help your business build profitable relationships by increasing sales, improving marketing performance and higher rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Watch the recorded webinar to see first-hand the powerful capabilities of Infor CRM that will allow you to:

  • Getting the most from dashboards, analytics and reporting tools
  • Experience the seamless integration between Outlook and CRM
  • More effectively manage your contacts, accounts, leads, campaigns and opportunities
  • Extend robust CRM functionality to mobile applications
  • Enable service and support teams to quickly resolve customer issues

Shortcuts to:

  • Using Infor CRM Xbar in Outlook at 7:38 mark
  • Using Infor Mobile client at 32:30 mark

<<<<<<< Watch Video Now >>>>>>>

Infor CRM demo Kristin.png


Infor CRM Overview in 17 minutes

Infor CRM Intro 17 minute video.png

Overview  Knowledge  Transfer

Infor CRM 8.3 - Sales Knowledge Transfer by Kevin Draggoo - Infor CRM Product Manager

Infor CRM 8.3 - What's new? Technology Knowledge Transfer - Kevin Draggoo 


Infor CRM Education Portal with available on line classes...   

Infor Campus Course Library, here

Select "Infor CRM" for Course name and type = "Online" or "Classroom" which are virtual, then press the magnifying glass for the list of courses.

Paid Training (Both Certification and Non-Certification)

  1. Go to
  2. Click “New User” under the login area.
  3. Select “Customer” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter your Xtreme login credentials or select I don’t have an Xtreme login. Selecting “I don’t have an Xtreme login” will redirect you to the registration page where you can obtain your login.

NOTE: Once you’ve obtained your login to the Education Campus you should return to the login screen and click on the video link above the login to see a brief video that will familiarize you with the navigation of the Campus. 

 Infor CRM Educational Classes link....


 Infor Campus Overview Tour


Quick Overview of Infor Campus

Click to download catalog



Available Free Training

  1.  Login to
  2. Select “knowledge Base” from the “Search” Dropdown menu
  3. Expand “Advanced Articles Search Settings”
  4. Select “Recorded Briefing” from the “Type” Dropdown menu.
  5. In the Keywords field type “AL”.
  6. Click “Search”.
  7. Identify the training you would like to take and click on the subject of the article.
  8. In the Knowledge article that opens click the “Attachments” Link (top left).
  9. In the Window that opens click the icon with the red arrow in the Http column.
  10. Once the items are downloaded you can view them from your Windows Downloads folder.

Training site issues: Call 877-772-4111, Option 3, Then Option 2 


  1. Login to
  2. Select “user groups” from the “community” dropdown menu and the login page for the forms will open.
  3. Follow the registration process to obtain your login. NOTE: Select CRM Other as the product
  4. Once you’ve logged in click “Find a community”
  5. Click the “Find a Community” button next to CRM.
  6. Click “Request to Join” for the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Community.
  7. Select “My communities” from the Communities dropdown menu.
  8. Enter the community of your choice


Or follow the links to YouTube videos from the Infor CRM (Saleslogix) Channel....